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Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Applications and Approvals

Alpha Car Finance provides its customers with great quality and near new reliable cars with a low once-off upfront cost and an agreed fixed weekly or fortnightly repayment which includes registration and comprehensive insurance over an agreed 3-5 year term with the option to return, or upgrade or you can negotiate with us to buy the vehicle; subject to the Lessor (Alpha) approval. To apply, contact Alpha 1300 257 464 or complete the online application form and a Finance Consultant will contact you to assist with and finalise your application to enable us to complete an affordability assessment.

Once approved, you pay the low upfront payment and we will organise an agreed time and date for you to collect your new vehicle.

We have a variety of near new makes and models to choose from our large fleet from small to medium family vehicles and SUV’s 8 seaters, Utes and 3 Tonne Trucks. Our quality vehicles are all late models between 2013 and 2018 that we have owned since new by our car hire business and all receive their scheduled servicing. We have a range of different vehicles to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Whether its an automatic, manual, hatchback, family size car, people mover or a ute or 3 Tonne Truck.

Our vehicles have low kilometres and where applicable come with the remaining balance of manufacturer’s warranty. Vehicles such as Nissan Micra, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Tuscan and Kia Carnival 8 Seaters, Toyota Work Mate Utes and 3 Tonne Mitsubishi Pantec Trucks. We also offer finance on ANY vehicle – ask our sales consultants.

At Alpha Car Finance, we will carefully look and assess your current financial situation, rather than weigh heavily on your past, before making our decision. We know that 17% of Australians have at some stage been declined for credit. We proudly support those Australians who have been ignored by the large banks and financial institutions. We accept people who have bad credit, bankrupt, self-employed, customers that are new to Australia, and even pensioners.

You can apply online or you can send us your email, mobile and contact details and we will send you an application form. You then, need to send us back the application form and ID, three months payslips and/or bank details to support your income so that we can assess your affordability.

You just need a copy of your driver’s license, proof of income – three recent payslips and/or Centrelink income statement, proof of residence (a utility bill or similar), three months bank statement and your completed Alpha Finance application form to get enable us to assess your affordability. We then assess your affordability and once you have been approved, arrangement for your low once-off upfront payment and delivery of an agreed vehicle which normally takes 1-2 days.

We offer agreements that are 36, 48 or 60 months. We can help you work out which fixed repayment period would be more suitable for you so that you can continue living the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

The upfront payment amount ranges from $490-$990 depending on the vehicle type. The application fee is paid upon delivery of the vehicle and it is easy to ask our Sales Finance Consultants for more details regarding this.

At the end of the contract, you can make us an offer to own the vehicle. It is always best to ask our Sales Consultants specific details about this amount. Alternatively, you can upgrade your car to a newer model or return the car at the end of the contract.

We process the online application forms within 24 hours and will notify you after we conduct our initial assessment if you have been provisionally approved and if approved discuss when you can collect your car – which normally is when you have your upfront payment ready – typically within 1-2 days.

Alpha provides two principle options which include Fixed Weekly / Fortnightly Payments for the term: (A) Includes: Scheduled Servicing and Tyres at any mycar location (formerly Kmart Tyre and Auto), Registration, Insurance for the term (B) Includes: Registration and Comprehensive Insurance for the term.

Depending on your selected fixed repayment option (A) or (B) – Servicing, Tyres, Petrol, Cleaning and we recommend RACQ, NRMA, RACV and an appropriate eTag for Tolls.

You can negotiate with Alpha Car Finance to purchase the vehicle but unless Alpha Car Finance agrees otherwise you must return the vehicle at the end of the term.

Yes. You can make advance payments at any stage – as agreed by Alpha. Simply contact our customer service team on 1300 257 426.

We understand that 17% of Australians have been declined from the big banks and financial institutions and we specialise in assisting Australians to secure near new vehicles through Alpha Car Finance. Alpha offers a Car Finance Lease with a low upfront deposit and an agreed low fixed weekly repayments including registration and comprehensive insurance. Most Car Finance agreements require 20-30% deposit, approx. $4,000 to 5,000 vs $990.

Registration and Insurance

Yes, Alpha provides registration for the term. As the lessor, we register the vehicle directly with the relevant state authority.

Where applicable Alpha Finance sends out the registration sticker to the known address supplied by you within 28 days of your registration expiring, if you need to update your details, please contact us.

Please note, many States within Australia now no longer require the registration sticker to be displayed.

Yes. All our vehicles have comprehensive insurance through our broker Rentsure, who is underwritten by Lumley General Insurance.

Please note, your insurance does not cover drivers under the age of 21 years.

Insurance is about protecting yourself from the unexpected. When you have belongings and property that are of value, you want to know that you are covered if they were damaged or lost.

For more information please contact our friendly team on 1300 257 464 or at [email protected]

An excess is an amount you are required to pay towards a claim.

Your excess is $1,250 if you are involved in an accident. This excess applies to all accidents for drivers over the age of 25 years.

Drivers aged between 21-25 will incur a higher excess. As a younger driver, you have less experience than other drivers on the road and statistically, you are at a greater risk of having an accident.

If your accident was caused by another vehicle, your excess will be reduced to $250 providing you complete the Accident Report form detailing how the accident happened and can provide details of the other driver – name, address and registration details. Upon receipt of your completed paperwork, our claims department will review and confirm this reduced liability will apply to your claim.

In the event of an accident, your safety is most important. Safely move out of the way of traffic. If your car is immobile, switch on hazard lights to warn other drivers in the area.

Most accidents do not require the police to attend, however, please call 000 for the Police in the following circumstances:

  • A person has been injured or a fatality has occurred.
  • The other party fails to stop and/or supply their details
  • A driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • There is a hazard that may cause danger to the public

Obtain details of any other vehicle involved in the accident and any independent witnesses. Remember to use your mobile phone camera to capture the scene of the incident or damage.

In the event of an accident, you are required to complete our Accident Report form detailing who was involved and how the accident happened including a diagram of the accident. (It’s handy to keep a copy of this in your glove box)

You will be required to pay your excess.

Once the Accident Report form and excess has been paid, we will provide a list of authorised panel beaters in your local area, however, you can take your vehicle to any repairer. Repairs to your vehicle must be authorised by your insurer prior to repair.

Our friendly claims staff will walk you through the process and help you get back on track. Every situation is different so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions about your particular claim.

Yes. However, there are options available to you.

If your accident was caused by another vehicle, your damage liability will be reduced to $250 providing you complete the Accident Report form detailing how the accident happened and can provide details of the other driver – name, address and registration details. Upon receipt of your completed paperwork, our claims department will review and confirm this reduced liability will apply to your claim.

Alternatively, if a third party is at fault and the damage to your vehicle is repairable, you may be able to have your vehicle repaired by going directly to the third parties insurance company. The accident must still be reported to Alpha Finance and once the car is repaired, a copy of the final invoice together with a photo of the car is required once your vehicle has been repaired.

If your vehicle is declared a total loss and therefore will not be repaired, these claims must be processed by Alpha’s claims department and can’t be done through a 3rd party’s insurance company.

If the damage to your car is under the damage liability amount, our claims department will work with you to get the vehicle repaired and back on the road for the cost of the damage together with the administration fee of $250.

Please remember, claims can take some time to finalise, so we appreciate your patience during this process. We will, however, aim to get you back on the road as soon as we can.

You should not drive your car if:

  • It doesn’t comply with the State Road authority
  • The lights are damaged or any of the bodywork is protruding or interfering with driving the car.
  • The radiator is leaking or there seems to be an engine damage.

All towing costs are at your expense are not included in the excess applicable.

Call RACQ/RACV/NRMA if you have roadside assistance otherwise, we recommend Ready towing phone 13 18 69.

A loan car may be available whilst your vehicle is being repaired (subject to availability). Loan cars are limited in each state and limited to a maximum of 7 days of use.

After 7 days, you have an option to hire a vehicle from Alpha Car Hire at discounted rates.

If a 3rd party is at fault and a hire car has been incurred, you may be able to recover these costs from the 3rd party directly. Our claims department can work with you to ensure these costs are recovered.

Fees and Repayments

Alpha will advise you immediately if/when you miss a repayment. Please note that Penalties of $35 per Direct Debit failure will apply.

We suggest that you immediately contact Alpha accounts team on 1300 257 426 or [email protected] Alpha will work with you in a fair, ethical and moral manner to resolve the issue. We’ll always contact you to try and sort out an affordable arrangement. If your account continues to be unresolved, daily fees will apply.

It’s best to always communicate with us if you are having trouble repaying so we can come up with a plan together. It is important that the applicant reads all our terms and conditions as part of both parties legal obligations and if required seek independent advice.

You have three days after incurring a toll to make contact with the toll organisation and pay. If you do not then, Alpha will receive the unpaid toll notice and will forward this onto the Lessee including an administrative fee of $3.30 plus the unpaid toll.

Alpha as the Lessor will receive the traffic infringement notice and will forward this onto the Lessee including an administrative fee of $99 plus the infringement.

Yes, we charge 18% interest on the overdue car repayments total amount owing at the end of each calendar month.

We understand that during the agreed financing period of 36, 48 or 60 months anyone can go through financial hardship at any time, due to any number of reasons.

If you have a vehicle with us and your repayments have fallen behind, or if you have an upcoming payment you know you won’t be able to make, please contact us at your earliest convenience. The earlier we know what’s going on, the more we can do to help.

Yes, if your direct debit is declined by your bank or your payment does not transact correctly, you’ll be charged a dishonour fee by your bank plus a $35 payment dishonour fee by Alpha Finance. The $35 fee also applies when we have agreed to reschedule your payments for a later date.

If your account continues to be unresolved once you have entered into a part payment or late payment arrangement, daily late fees will accrue from the original payment date to when the balance (arrears) is zero and calculated at the end of each month at an interest rate of 18% of the overdue amount. If you are experiencing financial difficulties we encourage you to contact us immediately on 1300 257 426 or [email protected]

Your responsibilities include:

  • Making your payments on/or before the agreed date
  • Keeping the vehicle in a clean, roadworthy condition
  • Ensuring the vehicle is serviced at scheduled intervals
  • Arranging your own E-Tag or method of paying tolls and keeping your account in order
  • Paying all other traffic infringements on or before their due date
  • Arranging your own roadside assistance (RACQ / RACV / NRMA or equivalent)
Vehicle Maintenance

Flat Battery or Account up to date?

Every customer is advised at the time of signing the contract that our vehicles are fitted with a GPS unit. To determine if your car has a flat battery or if it has been immobilised please contact us immediately on 1300 257 426 within our Office hours 8am to 5pm weekdays or email [email protected] or [email protected]

We have a national agreement with mycar (formerly Kmart Tyre and Auto) for scheduled servicing and tyres.

Call RACQ / RACV / NRMA roadside assistance (we strongly advise you to become a member) otherwise contact Alpha Finance on 1300 257 464 during business hours or [email protected]

Contact RACQ / RACV / NRMA roadside assistance (we strongly advise you to become a member) otherwise call Alpha Finance on 1300 257 464 during business hours or [email protected]

Flat Battery – Please call RACQ / RACV and/or NRMA or/
Account up to date? Every customer is advised at the time of signing the contract that our vehicles are fitted with a GPS unit. To determine if your car has a flat battery or if it has possibly been immobilised please contact us.

Alpha Finance has two types of contracts. Please refer to your contact to see which type you have. If you can’t locate your contract please contact us.

  • Includes registration, insurance, tyres and service*.
  • Includes registration and insurance and the Lessee pays for servicing and tyres.

*You will need to organise the servicing of your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid any future issues.

Alpha Finance has a nationwide agreement with mycar (formerly Kmart Tyre and Auto). You can take your vehicle into any mycar location to receive a discounted service. To find out more please contact our team.

Please make sure to contact our team immediately if you are involved in an accident.

You will be required to complete an Accident Report form with information including all parties involved at the time of the incident.

Yes, however, please contact Alpha in the first instance. Your contract includes an excess of $2,500. If deemed by our insurer that the other party was at fault you may be entitled to receive $1,000 back. Alpha Finance endeavours to process the accident claim as efficiently and effectively as possible but there could be a delay of up to 13 weeks.

Call RACQ / RACV / NRMA if you have roadside assistance otherwise we recommend Ready Towing but please keep in mind that this is at your own cost.

Yes, you may rent a vehicle from us but this will be at your own cost. For more information please contact Alpha on 1300 257 426 or [email protected]