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Here at Alpha, we look at your future, not your past. Alpha Finance is committed to providing financial options to a large group of Australians excluded from traditional finance & credit options. We understand that over 4 million Australians have a default on their credit history and we specialize in understanding customers that traditional finance and credit providers ignore.

So say goodbye to loan rejections because of your credit history. If you have $990.00 deposit (not 20-30% deposit like some lenders) we specialize in getting Australians into near new vehicles.

Whether you’re in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide or Sydney, we’ve got you covered. With Alpha Finance, you’ll be able to:

  • Get fast pre-approval
  • Select a Vehicle with fixed weekly repayments including registration & Insurance
  • Enjoy personalized service & fast before, during, and after sending your application
  • Drive Away Happy

Applying is easy. Simply fill in the online form and wait for a callback within 2 business hours. After verifying your financial information, our specialists will give you the repayment details, fees and charges, and everything you need to know. So send us your information now and get a quick response with our 60-second pre-approval process.

Car Finance

Getting your dream car is now easier than ever with Alpha Finance. We’re here to help you regardless of your credit standing. Whether you have a clean credit history or been ignored by the traditional finance & credit providers - we’d love to get you your dream ride, so we’ve come up with car finance packages that have no deposit &/or low deposit options with fixed weekly repayments. In fact, if you have $990.00 deposit then we ask you to challenge us as we believe we'll be able to get you into a late-model car. Send your application in now - so you can drive away happy in that dream car.

Home Loans

Just because your local bank says no to your loan application doesn't mean you have to give up on getting your dream home. As an accredited broker, our home loan packages are perfect for financing your house loan. Personalised service, complete transparency, and a fast application and approval makes everything easier. Send us your details now and enjoy a loan from 10K to $10 million with terms of up to 30 years.

Become a Broker

Are you a car dealer or broker finding that you have to turn down a percentage of clients simply because there isn’t an appropriate lender?
Alpha Car Finance is unique in that we can assist many of your clients that other lenders are unable to. With a philosophy of looking at your clients future, not their past we can in most cases assist with the car and finance needed.

What’s In It For You?
A minimum of $300 per confirmed lead is yours.

Alpha Finance Blog

When you're self-employed, whether as a small business owner, a freelancer, a consultant, or a temp job, it's a little tricky to get certain documents like proof of income and tax statements. It's even trickier to get things like car finance, because all financiers require these documents before lending. Unless you want to pay for a car in full, you're going to have to get around these document-related obstacles -- among other things. The good news is that being self-employed doesn't need to hinder you from getting a car loan or car lease.

If you're not sure if you're eligible for car finance, there are a few things you should know and can do about it. The basics are covered in this article we posted last June and we're here to give you more tips to increase your chances of getting approved!

Since working with a company that centres on cars, it's only natural that I come across brilliantly clever car advertisements from research. There's loads of cheek, fun, humour, and creativity in these radio and TV ads. When it comes to advertisement, you'd think that the bigger the budget the better and funnier it would be, right? Apparently not with Aussies. Some of the most hilarious and most memorable adverts are actually low budget. From Toyota to Subaru to Holden and more, here are some of our favourite funny Aussie car adverts: