If you need to get on the road and moving, we're here for you.

We know that life sometimes throws a curve ball and before you know it the banks won’t lend you money. Even if you have unique financial circumstances, like a bad credit history, Alpha may be able to get you into a car within 24 hours.

We can assist you if you're:

  •   21 years or older
  •   A permanent Australian resident or citizen
  •   A current drivers licence
  •   Earning $35,000*+ pa


We give everyone a second chance at car finance

If you can't meet all these criteria, you can still talk confidentially to one of our loan consultants who may be able to help you put together a better application.

Call us on 1300 25 74 26

Bad credit accepted

We help thousands of people who were declined by other lenders due to defaults or bad credit.

Flexible repayments

We understand that everybody has different paydays, so you can either opt to pay weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly.

Low deposit

Most banks ask for 15% to even 20% upfront. But with us, you can own a vehicle with a one-time deposit as low as $290.

Expect a decision within hours

With an application complete with supporting documents, you can get your very own car in as soon as 24 hours.

Registration & insurance inclusive

Your repayments include rego & insurance for no extra charge. Optional extras such as servicing & road side assistance are available.

Option to own or upgrade

At the end of your contract term, you can either choose to own the vehicle or upgrade to newer model.

1. Apply

Fill out the online pre-application form or call us over the phone.

2. Confirmation

Our friendly experts will get in touch with you to confirm that we have received your application. Have your supporting documents at the ready to speed up the process.

3. Verification & Approval

Your application will be reviewed as well as your supporting documents. We'll be in contact with you all throughout and let you know your application status.

4. Vehicle Selection

Once approved, you'll have the option to select any vehilce within our fleet. Alternately, you can get a vehicle of your choice from other car dealers.

5. Sign up and drive

Fill out the necessary paperwork and we'll hand over the keys of your very own car.

What is the difference between car finance and car loan?

Car loans are a type of personal loan where you apply to borrow a certain amount and upon approval, that money is transferred to you and you commence a process of repaying a combination of interest and principle. A secured loan is often at a lower rate because the lender takes ‘security’ over the vehicle, i.e. if you don’t repay, they take the vehicle back.

Car finance, on the other hand, does not lend money. Lenders like Alpha instead finance a vehicle under our name for the duration of the contract term. Then at the end of the term the customer can transfer the vehicle into his or her name, upgrade into a newer model, or move on to something else. In a way it is like a long-term hire. Similar to rent-to-own, with Alpha you pay a small one-off and a fixed weekly repayment (that includes the registration and insurance).

Can I get car finance even if my credit score isn't perfect?

Yes, we believe that every Australian deserves a reliable good quality vehicle. We know that life doesn’t always go according to plan and when something goes wrong, it doesn’t take much to miss a few payments on a utility bill or not be on top of your credit card minimum payments. We specialise in helping drivers who have run into difficulties in the past and are working to repair their credit history.

To get our applicants into the best late-model vehicle they can afford, we carefully assess your current financial situation rather than relying heavily on your past. So don’t think you can’t get car finance due to credit issues. Whether you have good or bad credit, give us a ring and we'll do our best to get you the best vehicle for your budget and lifestyle.

Can I still get car financing if I'm self-employed?

Yes, we proudly support Australians who are working for themselves, either as a sole trader, or as a business entity. If you have an ABN that is older than 3 months, we can help get you the car, ute, van or truck you need to keep your business out on the road.

It just comes back to our Affordability Assessment. If you are able to provide the necessary documents to prove a regular income flow, then Alpha can help you. Just like the tradies, freelancers and other small business owners who make up our self-employed customer base.

And the bonus is that as a lease arrangement, you can probably claim the entire cost as an operating expense (just check with your accountant about your business situation).

Do you run credit checks on car finance applicants?

Yes, we do run credit checks on our applicants but the result of our Affordability Assessment is a bigger factor than your credit history.

The most important thing you can do to help your application is to be totally honest. As long as you can provide the documentation (like bank statements) to show you can afford the weekly/fortnightly repayments, your application can be approved.

Please take note that an application with Alpha Finance will not impact your credit rating at all.

Are there upfront payments?

Yes, there are upfront payments but they are a lot lower than lenders and we don’t charge any establishment, approval, or processing fees. We have a very simple approach to upfront deposits: $290, $490, and $990 depending on the size and model of your vehicle. We’re not like other lenders who require you to fund the first 20% of total cost up front.

Check out the full range of cars currently available in our fleet. If you can’t find the car you really want, just lets us know and we can try and source once especially for you.

Do you have special offers or discounts?

We most definitely do, we always want everyone to save money so we often offer promos. Check out our Specials page regularly to see the fantastic deals available to you.

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