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Car Finance Deals and Promotions

Here at Alpha Finance, we make it a point to ensure our customers are aware of our promotions and other special deals. This lets them know that even in their current financial situation, there is hope for them to get a car for their family.

When bad credit is hanging over you, it’s hard to get approval for car loans. What you need is to join a promotion that can help you get one step closer to your next vehicle.

This is also a chance for you to help out a friend or relative who are down on their luck and are in need of a reliable car for their everyday needs. By the end of the year, you can all be driving in your new cars and be able to make payments on time thanks to Alpha Finance’s flexible repayment options.

Below, you can find the best deal on car finance. Once you’ve chosen a car, just fill out the form to check the availability of the vehicle. After that, send in your application and wait to hear from our team.

Alpha Finance regularly updates this page with new promotions. There could be one soon that will suit your needs perfectly. For now, enjoy these current offers and check this page every now and then to stay updated.

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