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Located north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is blessed with gorgeous beach towns, surf spots, and stunning rural hinterland. The area has a population of more than 300,000 people, and it is fast becoming a huge draw for folks who want to live in towns and suburbs that have a more laid back vibe but is still seeing significant developments. Maroochydore, for example, is fast becoming the Sunny Coast’s very own CBD, with more and more young professionals deciding to reside and work in this vibrant city. It’s a great place to raise a family, with plenty of fun activities and beautiful places for everyone to enjoy.

What better way to experience everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer than by having your very own set of wheels. You and your family can go anywhere at anytime you want. No need to wait in line to take public transport. If you go out shopping, you don’t have to lug around bags in the bus or train. Store them in the trunk and drive to your next destination. When it's hot out, stay cool and fresh by driving comfortably in your vehicle. Taking public transport and going on foot is okay. But nothing beats the ease and freedom of travelling in your very own car.


Get Your Car Financed No Matter What Your Credit History

Credit standing aside, acquiring a vehicle can get quite expensive for the everyday Australian. While car loans are the most straightforward and traditional way of getting a car, the nicer models are typically out of regular people's price range -- not to mention expenses for other things like registration and insurance. Now imagine applying for car finance in Sunshine Coast with bad credit. Unfortunately, a lot of institutions will turn you away at the first sign of defaults or other debt. If you do get approved, this would mean interest rates will be much higher than a borrower with clean credit. Couple a high interest loan with the rising cost of living in Australia, and your cash flow becomes so restricted that you'd barely have enough for incidental or emergency expenses.

Clean credit or not, you can be assured that Alpha Car Finance will give you a fair chance and options to get the car you deserve. Experience easy approval processes, flexible repayment options (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly), and lease terms that can cater to your budget and needs. Just apply online, supply your documents for review, and you could claim your vehicle in our Sunshine Coast office in the same day!

Business Car Finance in Sunshine Coast

As a boss and businessman, you know that you and your employees need to be always on-the-go to meet clients. If you want to impress, you need to have a presentable car for meetings. No potential partner or client will want to work with someone whose vehicle looks like it's seen better days. The worst thing that can happen is a potential client judging you based on the state of your car and not on your skills as a businessman.

With Alpha Car Finance, your business can have quality cars without blowing up your overhead expenses. Choose from our wide range of passenger vehicles - from fuel efficient compacts to spacious SUVs. We'll make things even easier for you by including registration and insurance to your plan.