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If you want to have a relaxing walk in the park, enjoy eating out with your family or go shopping with your mates, there’s no better place to do those things than in Melbourne. The city has plenty of interesting places you can visit, and you’ll always find something exciting to do. You can spend a weekend to visit the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and learn about the country’s native marine life, drop by the Eureka Skydeck 88 to get stunning views of the beautiful city or go swimming and sunbathing at St Kilda.
While you have the choice between taking the trams or the bus to get around town, you won’t get very far when you only rely on public transport, especially when it’s scorching hot or worse, have no choice but to be stuck at home when the rain is pouring heavily.
Don’t let these limitations get in the way of having the freedom to go anywhere you want, anytime you want. The solution is simple – get yourself a new set of wheels. Now is an excellent time to get in touch with Alpha Car Finance and we’ll be more than happy to help you get your very own vehicle in no time.

Getting Car Finance in Melbourne

The application process is simple and you can get car finance as quickly as 24 hours. Take advantage of our low upfront deposit and flexible repayments. Compared to other lenders, our rates are more affordable.
Whether you need a vehicle for personal use or for your business, you’ll have plenty of cars to choose from our extensive fleet. We have sedans, SUVs, compact cars, and utes. If you were declined by banks or other lenders because of bad credit or defaults, you shouldn’t worry. We at Alpha Car Finance assess your current financial situation and not your past. We understand that life sometimes gives you lemons, we’ve helped thousands of folks get a vehicle while they repair their credit.
Spare yourself from the hassle of commuting to work and say goodbye to costly taxi fares. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get on the road. So, call us now at +61 3 8347 6300 or visit our branch at Tullamarine.
Car Finance and Leasing For Your Business
As a good leader, you're always concerned for the safety and presentability of your employees. Especially when they're going out on the field meeting clients or customers, you'd want them to be driving reliable and professional-looking vehicles. Apart from being a good boss, you're also a businessman so you know that the right price and ease of doing business are big factors to which company you'd want to partner with.
With Alpha Car Finance, you can lease the right vehicle for the right price. We have a huge selection of passenger compact cars and sedans as well as utes for hauling cargo. Getting a business car lease from us also ensures that you only have to worry about one payment every week. Your running costs like services, registration, stamp duty, and tyre replacements can be covered in your fixed weekly amount, so you never have to worry about a huge pile of paperwork and bills. Business car lease also counts as a tax break meaning more savings and profit for your company. Apply for a business car finance today.