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Brisbane is best known for its busy central business district and many local attractions. These attractions include the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest koala sanctuary in Australia, the Cultural Centre, and Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens that is packed with all kinds of vegetation.
In a town as big as this, mass transit is, of course, available but hopping from one public transport to another can expose you to the sweltering heat and other elements. Not to mention that taking the bus or train during rush hour is an absolute nightmare.
For Brisbane residents without a car, this has become the daily struggle. But you can break away from this routine by finally purchasing your own set of wheels. With your own car, you will be free from having to stick to the bus or train schedule. You can now drive to work every morning without taking the bus, drive out to a local burger joint at three in the morning even in your jammies, and of course, be able to drive around Brisbane and finally visit those attractions tourists are always flocking to.
Owning a vehicle gives you the sort of freedom you never thought you needed and we here at Alpha Car Finance can help you achieve that freedom at a payment plan you can afford.

Get a Car Loan in Brisbane - Defaults are Not a Problem

Are you ready to get a car for yourself but banks are refusing to help because of bad credit? Talk to us here at Alpha, and we may be able to find a solution. We’ll make it easy for you to own a vehicle while you’re credit rating is on the mend; we give everyone a second chance.
Applying for car finance can be done in five easy steps:
Application: That can be done in one of two ways - filling up the online application form or giving our Brisbane branch a call.
Confirmation: Our staff will let you know when they receive your application. That is also the perfect opportunity to ask them any questions you may have about the application process or the cars in their fleet. After this, you will be told what documents you need to prepare and submit.
Verification and Approval: Once you’ve submitted your documents, our team will then review your application. After the application and the documents have been reviewed, our staff will then be in touch to let you know that you are one step closer to getting your car.
Selection: Now it is time to choose what vehicle you want. We have a large fleet of cars available for financing including the popular car makes and models. But if you don’t find the car within our collection, you can choose to go to a dealer of your choice.
Drive away: Finally, after selecting a car, you will need to fill up some paperwork and sign the documents. When you’ve done that, you will be handed the keys to your very own vehicle.