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Car Finance Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most brightly glittering gems in Australia’s tourism crown. If you are lucky enough to live or work in or near the Sunshine Coast then you have a myriad of beautiful, relaxing and indulgent experiences right on your doorstep. Slightly less well known than its Southern cousin the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast uses this to its advantage. It’s possible to have a stretch of pristine beach all to yourself, where you can enjoy the protected waters without being overshadowed by high rise buildings. Noosa Beach has been named as one of Australia’s top 10 beaches and that’s just one for you to choose from. There’s plenty of other natural beauty in the lush surroundings of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands if you’d prefer to explore inland.

To make the most of this exploration, you need the freedom of your own vehicle. Spend the day playing in the sun, before heading to one of the Sunshine Coast’s world-class restaurants. Or travel home in comfort, revived and invigorated from hiking through the Glass House Mountains.

If you have bad credit you may think that all of these bright and shiny attractions are off-limits to you, from the freedom to explore the sparkling waters to the gleaming paint of the new car in which you do the exploring. Thanks to Alpha Finance in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, all of these experiences and more are wide open. Bad credit car finance is the speciality of Alpha Finance who have a fleet of hundreds of vehicles for you to choose from. Alpha Finance makes it easy and affordable to get into your new car even when you have bad credit, asking for a low deposit, making repayments manageable, cutting out unexpected extra costs and giving you the option to purchase or upgrade the vehicle at the end of the term.

Bad Credit Used Car Finance Sunshine Coast

Alpha Finance are not only willing to approve bad credit applicants, but they are also taking steps to help make sure you don’t get into more financial stress in the future. It’s easy to miss a few repayments or fall behind on your bills. Perhaps you were sick and couldn’t work, or maybe you had to use your emergency fund to make repairs on the house and the rest of your bills snowballed. Alpha Finance won’t let that happen to you again with an easy to manage solution, and they won’t let your past mistakes dictate your situation now.

How to Finance a Used Car with Bad Credit

Applying for bad credit car finance is the easiest application process you will find. You can apply online in just minutes and pre-approval takes just 60 seconds. Plus, if you do run into any problems or want to talk over some questions about your situation, Alpha Finance are located locally on the Sunshine Coast and are ready to help.

Once you are approved the hardest part will be choosing which car you want. The Alpha Finance fleet is stocked with small cars and vans, sedans and SUVs, trucks and utes. All you have to do is decide which will best suit your needs for exploring and enjoying the beautiful Australian coastline.

How to Take Care of Your Financed Car

If you take care of your newly financed car, it will take care of you. Regular servicing and oil changes mean you can always rely on your car to start when you’re ready to go and take you from A to B and any other attractions you see along the way. Also, make sure that if issues do arise with your car that you have them repaired as soon as possible. This will stop a small niggling issue from turning into an emergency that sees you stranded by the side of the road, and worse still, causes you to lose your newfound financial control.

Take the opportunity now to secure your freedom to travel, explore and enjoy time with family and friends behind the wheel of a car to call your own, and apply to Alpha Finance now, regardless of your credit history.

Regular Service and Maintenance