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Car Finance Perth

Perth may be one of the best laid out cities in Australia, and it is far from being the smallest. With over 6,000 square metres of city to navigate, with much of that being hilly, Perth is a city where your explorations, work commute and weekend activities can benefit from your own vehicle. Therefore, if you live or work in or near Perth, consider contacting us at Alpha Finance in Redcliffe who can help you with car finance.

Car finance in Perth is easy to find, but what if you have bad credit. No finance for you, right? Wrong. Alpha Finance is dedicated to bad credit car finance and will do everything possible to make sure that any financial mistakes in your past don’t follow you into the future. Not only will Alpha Finance work hard to approve you, but they will also provide you with a solution that is affordable and great value, just read some of our customers testimonials!

For example, you can get used car finance in Perth from Alpha Finance with a deposit from just $490. You’re approved quickly so you’re not left stranded without a car, and you have the option of purchasing the vehicle at the end of your term. Plus, your finance repayments are all inclusive of the vehicle registration, CTP insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. This is saving you from an extra $30 to $40 in expenses every week.

Car Finance Solutions with Alpha Finance Perth

Having a mark or two on your credit report is no longer a barrier to being approved for car finance in Perth. We recognise you are more than just a credit score, you are a person with obligations, needs and dreams for the future, and sometimes your plans have come off the rails a little.

Instead of penalising you for life’s ups and downs, our Alpha Finance team in Perth understand that you’ve weathered a financial storm and are going to do everything you can to keep your finances on track for the future. Therefore, we won’t make you wait around for an answer on your approval or jump through hoops of invasive questions. Your application for car finance can be completed online in minutes. Be pre-approval in just 60 seconds!

If you do need help with the online application, call 08 9468 9899 to reach our Alpha Finance team in Perth, or visit them at, 493 Great Eastern Hwy, Redcliffe, less than 20 minutes from the Perth CBD.

Once you are approved, all you need to do is choose which car you want from our hundreds of flexible car financing options. Not to menetion, you have the chance to upgrade or own your financed car at the end of your leasing period. Be sure to check out our promotions for even greater value on new and pre-loved vehicles!

Car Financing Support with Alpha Finance Perth

According to ASIC, one in six Australians are struggling with credit card debt, and more than two million are at a high or extreme risk of credit default. This means that bad credit car finance is not uncommon, and you probably know a number of people who have a bad credit rating.

However, there is a stigma attached to bad credit, not least of all because of the almost instant dismissal anyone with defaults on their credit report will receive when applying at one of the big banks.

Alpha Finance is a beacon of hope for those who have struggled with their finances in the past and aims to remove the stigma attached to bad credit car finance by offering a great range and even better service and features.

Getting the Most from Your Newly Financed Car in Perth

Remember that just like your budget, your newly financed car will need constant attention to keep it running smoothly. Don’t neglect the regular servicing and oil changes for your new car as these will help avoid any issues and identify any small problems before they turn into big, budget-blowing emergencies.

If you’re ready to shake off the stigma of your bad credit history, start your car finance application now and then get car shopping!

You can also find our vehicles available in locations across Australia for easy car finance in Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Dandenong, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney.

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