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Alpha’s Covid -19 VICTORIA – LEVEL 4 Restrictions Update

Alpha remains open at all branches across Australia. This includes our Victorian locations at Tullamarine and in Dandenong to service car rental / truck rental and Finance Lease customers. Our business activities are permitted in accordance with the list of permitted services or industries during Covid-19 restrictions.

If you would like to discuss the pickup or return of your rental or to cancel an existing booking, please call 1300 227 473. Note that any new bookings can only be made in Victoria to those customers who are supporting a permitted service or industry.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time for Victoria. We believe we offer a thorough Covid-19 Safe Plan per the suggested requirements on, to ensure your safety and the safety or our Victorian employees by now also including:

  • A multi-point vehicle hygiene clean and check being carried out between each rental, using specially formulated cleaners and sanitisers.
  • Stringent cleaning and disinfecting of public and high-touch area are being completed by our employees at both sites.
  • All Victorian staff must wear masks, regularly wash and sanitise hands.
  • The practice of physical and social distancing with measures of limiting the number of customers allowed at one time in the branch, which will be based on the implementation of the four square metre rule.

Melbourne is the city that is said to have four seasons in one day. Therefore, if you live and work in a city that starts out cold and overcast, rains a little and then turns on the sun in the afternoon, you need the flexibility of your own car, rather than risk being stranded in the elements. And, that’s were our Melbourne car financing options can make all the difference to you.

Melbourne is also one of the shopping capitals of the world. So, if you have been seduced by the brands, the outlets and the sales, you may also have picked up a bad debt or default along the way. Don’t worry, if this is the case, your past spending mistakes don’t have to stop you from securing car finance in Melbourne. All you need to do is work with our Melbourne Alpha Finance team to secure your affordable bad credit car finance. Then you’ll be free to put some distance between you and your past financial transgressions.

Easily located in Tullamarine, Alpha Finance not only makes used car finance in Melbourne easy to apply for, but they also make it easy to manage. You will be approved in as little as 24 hours in most cases and need a low deposit from just $490. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of flexible car financing options and have the chance to upgrade or own your financed car at the end of your leasing period. Be sure to check out our promotions for even greater value on new and pre-loved vehicles!

Bad Credit Used Car Finance Melbourne

Managing money is touted as one of the fundamental aspects of good adulting. So, when you attract a default or bad credit rating it can feel utterly demoralising.

You don’t want your friends and family to know and you often feel like the future you’d laid out for yourself has been whipped away. However, when you apply for bad credit car finance with Alpha Finance in Melbourne, no one has to know.

You can fill out your car finance application today and you can be behind the wheel of a new car in just a few days. No one needs to know you’ve worked with a bad credit specialist. All you need to do is choose a flexible car financing option that suits your needs, and the repayments that will fit into your budget.

How to Get Car Finance with a Poor Credit Rating

While you can apply for easy car finance through the Alpha Finance website, you can also visit our offices in Tullamarine, just half an hour from the Melbourne CBD. Or if you have any questions about your application, you can give our friendly Melbourne team a call.

The application process is simple and won’t penalise you for bad credit or defaults on your credit report. You simply need to enter some personal details, your current income and the supporting documentation. Complete your bad credit car finance application for our Melbourne office now.

Getting the Most from Your Newly Financed Car in Melbourne

While being able to get behind the wheel of your own car when you have bad credit may feel like a gift from above, remember, a car isn’t just for Christmas, it’s a big commitment.

Make sure you budget not only for the loan repayments but also for the ongoing maintenance of your vehicle. This means making a schedule for regular servicing and oil changes to keep your car running smoothly. Plus, it’s smart to have an emergency fund so that no matter what happens to the car, you can keep it on the road.

The benefit of a used car loan with Alpha Finance is that your repayments include:

  • vehicle registration,
  • CTP insurance, and
  • comprehensive vehicle insurance (saving you around $30 per week!)

You’re now ready to stop letting your bad credit rating define you and start moving forward with the vehicle you need and deserve from Alpha Finance. Choose your flexible car financing option today.

You can also find our vehicles available in locations across Australia for easy car finance in Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Dandenong, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

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