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Car Finance Brisbane

Applying for car financing can be a stressful and intrusive process. If you have had some trouble paying your bills on time in the past or are swamped with credit card debt, then the application can also be for naught because you are considered to have bad credit. While many lenders aren’t interested in how or why you have ended up with bad credit, or all the steps you’re taking to rectify your mistakes, Alpha Finance won’t hold a bad credit report against you.

Car finance in Brisbane is possible even if you have bad credit, and it’s affordable and easy to manage. Alpha Finance will work with you to make sure you can manage your car repayments – you only need to provide a small deposit and set up repayments in an affordable way. Bad credit car finance from Alpha Finance in Brisbane is also more than just a loan. You’ll have the option to purchase the car at the end of the lease or to upgrade to a newer model or a bigger vehicle. You’ll usually know if you’re approved within 24 hours and could be on the road in your choice of vehicle to suit your needs and lifestyle in as little as a couple of days.

Bad Credit Car Finance Brisbane

Money has never been easier to get and harder to manage. Were you offered a credit card when all you wanted was to buy a new television? Did you decide to use Afterpay or ZipPay but then fell behind on your instalments because your manager cut back on your shifts? Maybe you thought you could handle the repayments on the money you borrowed to go on holiday until your hot water service broke and your cash flow dried up?

Now consider all the demands on your pocket from the essentials like food and rent to those other must-haves like insurance and clothing. It’s no wonder you’ve dropped the ball on one or two bills along the way, and Alpha Finance isn’t going to let those past mistakes get between you and another essential in life – the freedom of having your own vehicle.

How to Finance a Car with Poor Credit

When you know there are marks against you on your credit report it can feel daunting to even think about applying for a car loan. Then it comes time to delve into all the details of those missed payments that led you to have bad credit. Alpha Finance makes the application process easy if you are looking for bad credit car finance, so that you can be driving away in as little as 48 hours.

All you have to do is complete an online application form which asks for just a few personal details, upload a few supporting documents and you’re underway. If you have any questions or problems with the car finance application you can call Alpha Finance for help, or drop into their offices in Moorooka, just 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

Then you get to go car shopping from the range of hundreds of vehicles in a make and model to suit your needs. In just a few days from now, you could be pulling into your office carpark in the Brisbane CBD in your new compact car. Or you could be loading the family into your new SUV for a road trip to see the tranquil Daintree Rainforest.

Getting the Most from Your Financed Car

If you look after your newly financed car, it will look after you. A car can be a big ongoing expense, but not if you invest the time to manage the maintenance. Regular servicing and oil changes will keep your car running smoothly and avoid many costly breakdowns and repairs which can quickly throw your budget off course again. Also, make sure when you budget for car finance you look at the repayments and leave room for an emergency fund so you can repair any faults as soon as they arise.

Now you’re ready to put your bad credit behind you. Call Alpha Finance Brisbane or start an online application now so you can hit the road.

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