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Car Finance Adelaide

Adelaide is a city that has so much to offer. Whether you’re interested in the beaches, the hills, the wines, the shopping or the art, all the beauty of Adelaide is easily accessible. Easily accessible if you have your own vehicle that is. While there are comprehensive public transport systems in Adelaide too, if you prefer the freedom of your own space and your own timetable, then you want your own set of wheels.

If you think it’s not possible for you to get behind the wheel of your car because of cashflow or bad credit, think again. Alpha Finance offers car finance in Adelaide to those that other lenders consider a bad credit risk. You’ll be assessed on your individual situation and the steps you’re taking to manage it, not just a black and white score on a report.

When you work with Alpha Finance for bad credit car finance in Adelaide, you will feel respected and understood, not judged and discarded. Used car finance in Adelaide from Alpha Finance can have you behind the wheel in just 24 hours. Plus, they only require a small deposit and have hundreds of makes and models of vehicles for you to choose from.

Can You Get Car Finance with a Bad Credit Rating?

Car finance for those with bad credit is possible with Alpha Finance Adelaide. If you have defaulted on a loan, have late payments on your credit report or even if you’ve had to go to court or a collections agency, you can still be eligible for car finance.

The first thing you need to do is enter a few personal details in the online application form. This will help Alpha Finance assess what you are looking for and understand your current personal and financial situation. This means they can make a judgement based on where you are now, whereas most lenders will just look at where you were five years ago. If you need any help with the online application or have questions, you can call the Alpha Car Finance Adelaide offices.

It’s then time to select the car you want financing for. There are hundreds of cars available from Alpha Finance which suit any Adelaide lifestyle. Choose a small car that’s easy to park in the city. A bigger car which will power up and along the Adelaide freeways and expressways to get you where you need to go, or a more spacious SUV for transporting kids, family, groceries and more.

Car Finance Bad Credit Adelaide

Being one of the smaller cities in Australia, Adelaide gives you the opportunity to enjoy a delightful lunch in the crisp air and shaded cellar doors of the hills and be at the beach in less than an hour for an afternoon swim. Alpha Finance wants to give you those same opportunities for a future filled with fun, relaxation and indulgence, without you having to worry about the financial missteps of your past. With bad credit car finance from Alpha Finance, you can be back behind the wheel and exploring the best Adelaide has to offer.

Taking Care of Your Financed Car

An important way to manage your finances and avoid adding any more bad debts to your credit report is to have a detailed budget. When you are applying for bad credit car finance consider your repayments, as well as the ongoing maintenance costs of car ownership. This includes having enough money set aside to repair any faults as they arise. Also making sure you can afford regular servicing and oil changes to keep your car running smoothly.

So don’t be afraid to ask for the car you want and need, because Alpha Car Finance Adelaide are experts at understanding and approving bad credit car finance.

You can also find our vehicles available in locations across Australia for easy car finance in Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

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