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Getting Car Loans in Sydney Even with Bad Credit

Having trouble getting vehicle financing due to bad credit? Not to worry, Alpha Car Finance is here to help! Alpha assists everyday Aussies that have or had issues with credit (bankruptcy, defaults) get into a quality car. We will even assess your situation if you are new to the country. What makes us different is that we look at your present not your past and then we also look at your future to ensure that you can make the repayments. We don't want to put you into a car that you simply won’t be able to afford over the agreed term. With Alpha, getting a car finance Sydney service has never been easier. Read on why you should choose Alpha Car Finance.

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Get A Car Loan in West Sydney From Alpha

Alpha Finance Sydney offers a similar model to "Rent to Own" but our flexible car finance repayment options all include registration and insurance! You can also choose to pay a little extra and have servicing and tyre replacement included. That way it’s all bundled into one easy fixed repayment over the term rather than receiving several big bills all at once. At the end of the agreed term you can choose to return, upgrade, or make an offer to buy the vehicle from Alpha.

Alpha Car Finance offers quality near new vehicles that are generally 3-5 years old and have been very well maintained. We have a large fleet consisting of Nissan’s, Toyota’s, Kia’s and Hyundai’s. We are certain that you will find something that you like and majority of the time you can even pick your colour!

To make things even easier, you can set up your repayments to coincide with your pay cycle – weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Whatever is easiest for you and allows you to make repayments on time, we will adjust!

The best part? When you apply with Alpha Finance and supply your documents for review, you could be driving away in your new car the very next business day! Have bad credit? No worries. Contact our friendly team today and we'll sort things out in the most convenient way for you.

Bad Credit Car Lease Sydney For Individuals

If you have bad credit you might be faced with banks knocking back your application. This can be heartbreaking but Alpha Car Finance can help mend a broken heart because we are not your traditional lender. We pride ourselves in looking at a person's present, not their past, and thus offering Australians a second chance.

According to RACQ it costs approximately $176 a week to run a small car. But with Alpha Car Finance, you can drive away happy for as low as $990.00 upfront and $99 a week, which includes registration and insurance over a 4 year term. This means you get to spend more on other important expenses or even a few luxuries!

The other benefit of car finance or car leasing a vehicle is that you get to upgrade the car every 2 years. So you will have a new car continuously without having to jump through all the hoops again. All you have to do is ensure to maintain a clean payment history.

Bad Credit Car Lease Sydney for Business

Sydney businesses can now take advantage of the Alpha Car Finance model with the same low upfront payment and a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly package inclusive of registration and insurance, as individuals get. In addition, for a small increase in the regular payment schedule you can also include servicing and tyre replacement.

Keep track of fleet costs and to make early estimates on your transportation costs in the next financial year. Remember that car finance Sydney services for a business is tax deductible. This makes a car lease Sydney service more affordable for your businesses than owning a car.

Whether it's for your business or for you, you can trust that Alpha Car Finance will give you flexibility and personalised service, even if you're on bad credit. Credit challenges should not hinder you from getting that vehicle you deserve. Get in touch with our friendly team to lease a car, and get into that car in as soon as 48 hours.