Rent to Own a Car in Sunshine Coast Regardless of Credit Score

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Your credit history is history

When you have impaired credit, finding a company to help you acquire a decent running vehicle may be tricky. At Alpha, we specialise in giving people second chance car finance. Whether your credit standing is good or bad, we believe that every Australian deserves a reliable car. Get a Sunshine Coast car lease from Alpha and enjoy fast approvals and fixed low weekly repayments, including registration and insurance. Get the best of practicality and style and drive away knowing that your vehicle will get your from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

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Save Up On Costs & Headache

Credit standing aside, acquiring a vehicle can get quite expensive for the everyday Australian. While car loans are the most straightforward and traditional way of getting a car, the nicer models are typically out of regular people's price range -- not to mention expenses for other things like registration and insurance.

Now imagine applying for car financing with bad credit. Unfortunately, a lot of institutions will turn you away at the first sign of defaults or other debt. If you do get approved, this would mean interest rates will be much higher than a borrower with clean credit. Couple a high interest loan with the rising cost of living in Australia, and your cash flow becomes so restricted that you'd barely have enough for incidental or emergency expenses.

Clean credit or not, you can be assured that Alpha Finance will give you a fair chance and options to get the car you deserve. Experience easy approval processes, flexible repayment options (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly), and lease terms that can cater to your budget and needs. Just apply for an Alpha car loan in Sunshine Coast, supply your documents for review, and you could drive away in your new car in the same day!

Sunshine Coast Car Finance For Your Business

As a boss and businessman, you know that you and your employees need to be always on-the-go to meet clients. If you want to impress, you need to have a presentable and reliable car for meetings. No potential partner or client will want to work with someone whose vehicle looks like it's seen better days. The worst thing that can happen is a potential client judging you based on the state of your car and not on your skills as a businessman.

With Alpha, your business can have quality cars without blowing up your overhead expenses. Choose from our wide range of vehicles that you can upgrade every 2, 3, or 4 years. We'll make things even easier for you by adding on your typical (separate) running costs like registration, insurance, stamp duty, and tyre replacements.

Whether you have bad or clean credit, your car financing application is quick and easy with Alpha. Enjoy fast approvals, flexible payment plans, and tailor-made service, all for affordable prices. Apply for a Sunshine Coast car loan today!

You Have an Alternative Option With Alpha

Defaults and other forms of debt make it quite difficult to find bad credit car loans. If your application gets declined, rest assured that it's not the end of your customer journey. Here at Alpha, we'll always provide you with a means of transportation. Contact our sister company Alpha Car Hire now and our specialists will gladly discuss our long-term car hire with rent-to-own option. Call us at 1300 22 74 73 today!