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Getting Car Loans Even with Bad Credit in the Gold Coast Location

From breathtaking beaches to the lush hinterland, Gold Coast residents have one of the best sceneries anyone in Australia could hope for. With a backyard this beautiful, who wouldn't want to be exploring the outdoors all the time? Whether you're in Gold Coast to live, do business, or both; it's easier to get to and from place-to-place with a reliable car. Now you'd probably say "I can't afford one" but, believe it or not, you actually can. For as low as $99 a week, you can get your dream ride through a car finance Gold Coast service from Alpha.

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Car Finance VS Car Loan

If you need a car but don't quite have enough money to spare for one, car financing is your typical solution to acquiring one. Many today, however, are beginning to learn that this method isn't necessarily the best way to handle credit. Remember that, with a car loan, you don't just pay for the weekly repayment. You also have to consider the costs for registration, insurance, and replacement of tyres. On top of this, you end up spending thousands of dollars on interest for an asset that depreciates greatly overtime. Believe me when I say, the interest on top of the loan is no where near worth what you've paid for.

This is where Alpha Car Finance comes in. With a car finance Gold Coast from Alpha, you can cut your costs considerably. No need to stress about registration fees, setting up insurance, or even tyre changes. All these come with the Alpha Car Finance basic plan and complete plan. You get easy and flexible repayment options with low upfront payments, and so much more. Take our 60 second pre-approval today!

Choose Alpha Car Finance

When it comes to money and a car that you'll be using practically every day, you need to work with people you trust. We've been in the car finance Gold Coast & car lease business long enough to know what our Goldy clients want and (more importantly) need in a car. We assure you quality products and service from the time your send an enquiry to getting your car, to your weekly or fortnightly repayments, to even your random moments with questions. Give us a ring any time and our friendly finance team will answer any or your questions and assist you with any issue you may have, Bad credit history or not.

Car Finance For You

If you're looking for car financing in Gold Coast but are having trouble with the required credit scores, we are more than ready, willing, and happy to help. Better than traditional car leasing, enjoy the perks of financing through Alpha Car Finance, guaranteed to have low upfront payments, flexible repayment options, no hidden costs, and practically new cars.

Getting the vehicle that you need should never be difficult which is why we've made our process as easy as 1-2-3. In 60 seconds, you become a step closer to financing the car of your dreams. After being approved by our friendly specialists, trust that within the next 48 hours you'll be cruising through the streets of Gold Coast.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a hand to get out of a rut. Bad credit or not, trust that you can get financing from Alpha. Take the next 60 seconds to get pre-approved today!