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Alpha looks at your future, not your past

When you have impaired credit, acquiring a car can get quite difficult. Most lending institutions view people with defaults or bad credit as "high risk", giving you all sorts of hurdles like immediate rejections or high interests. At Alpha, getting a reliable car without breaking the bank is made possible and easy. Don't let defaults or impaired credit hinder you from a acquiring a decent car. With Alpha, every Australian is given a first or even second chance at car finance -- regardless of credit scores. Get car finance in as easy as one, two, three with Alpha Car Finance.

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Save Up On Costs & Headache

A car is an expensive investment and buying one typically puts a significant dent on your savings. Unless you have at least $10000 to spare, the usual way of getting a car is through a car loan. The trouble with this is that traditional loans require large deposits if you want to lower your weekly/fortnightly/monthly repayments.

Another issue is that credit scores play a big role on how much will be lent or what kind of car will be available for you. The lower your credit standing, the less chances you'll have of getting the car that you need. Most lenders in Dandenong would take a step back, or offer finance at a much steeper interest rate the moment that they see default or other sorts of debt in the background check.

Unlike most lenders who will decline your car lease application, we at Alpha are in the business of giving everyone a second chance at car finance. We believe that every Australian deserves a reliable car, regardless of credit history. Enjoy our easy approval process and choose from a whole fleet of cars to find the one to suit your needs. Is your cash flow too tight? No worries! Our repayment options are affordable and flexible, you can choose weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments - it all depends on which is convenient to you. Check out our 60 second pre-approval, submit the necessary documents, and you can claim your car in our Dandenong branch in as soon as 24 hours!

Dandenong Car Finance For Your Business

Every entrepreneur, marketer, or sales personnel needs a sensible but stylish car. When you're going out for a quick lunch with partners, a meeting with potential clients, or an interview with a potential employee; you wouldn't want to be judge by the state of your car rather than your skills and talent.

As your business grows, so should your (and your employees') mobility and flexibility. At Alpha, we ensure quality vehicles that won't blow up your overhead. Choose from our fleet of passenger and commercial vehicles to find the one (or five, or twenty) to suit your business' needs. Your cars will come complete with registration and insurance, and you can upgrade the vehicles every 2, 3, or 4 years.

Clean credit or not, experience fast and easy car lease with Alpha Car Finance. Enjoy quick approvals to flexible repayment options and lease terms, and personalized service -- all for affordable prices. Get car finance in Dandenong today!

Second Chance Car Finance Made Possible with Alpha

When your past leads lenders to decline your application, Alpha looks at your future and offers second chance car finance. You may get declined with us the first time, but you will be given the option for a rent-to-own program so you can be a step closer to owning your dream car. Contact the specialists at our sister company Alpha Car Hire, and they'd gladly discuss our long term car hire with rent-to-own car options with you. Call us at 1300 25 74 26 today!