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Best Ways to Make Extra Money in 2018

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When talk of new year’s resolutions crops up over the water cooler, you may get a mixed bag of reactions because there’s really nothing new about them or some people don’t really follow through, among other reasons.

Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit or cutting back on cigarettes, another goal you should consider is how to make some extra cash after all that splurging you did over the holiday season.

Lucky for you, there are many ways you can earn back all that money you spent on Christmas presents, fancy dinners, and other stuff. To help turn your spare time into additional income, here are side hustles and practical ways you can cut your spending for the upcoming year.

Streamline your expenses

Examine your spending habits first. There might be some things you spend money on that are not essential for you to get by every day. Consider cooking food and eating at home more than dining out or hire a car instead of always taking a cab if you do a lot of travelling.

Sell items you no longer use

If you’re like me, you may have some stuff lying around the house that you no longer use or need. You can have a garage sale or join some groups on Facebook where you can sell your wares. Turn those dust gatherers into some cold hard cash.

Rent out your extra space

If you have an unused room or some extra space in your home, you can rent it out. Some folks are happy to pay to store some of their stuff or need a place to stay for the night. But first, check the items you will store in your home to avoid getting into trouble or vet your transient occupants thoroughly. (Here’s hoping they’re not some crazy axe murderer. Lol.)

Make money online

You start up a blog and build an audience. You can make money by putting up ads or promoting products or services on your blog. Turn your interests and hobbies into an unstoppable money-making machine. Also, you can do affiliate marketing. Earn some money by referring prospective customers to various businesses.

Teach what you already know

You may have a special skill or something that you do really well. For example, you can become an online English language instructor. Many foreigners are interested in paying serious money to learn the language from a native English speaker.

Put your driving skills to good use

You can run errands for other folks who are too busy. Give them a ride to the airport, provide a delivery service or become a part-time chauffeur/local guide for tourists. Also, you can carpool with your workmates and save money on fuel costs.

Be a house sitter or dog walker

For people who are always on the move, their biggest concern is someone they can trust to look after their home or beloved pets. You can be that person. Water their plants. Tend their garden, do a little dusting or walk their dogs, feed their cats or fish, you name it. The services you can provide are endless.

With some effort, time management, and patience, you’ll start filling up your bank account in no time. Put your time and skills to good use this new year and prosper.

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