Top Aussie Finance Blogs You Should Check Out

aussie finance blogs to explore

If you’re ever in need of personal finance tips, the Internet is ripe with information and advice. From small business tips to how to save money on weekly groceries, you won’t run out of helpful tips that can help you get out of debt, survive personal finance problems, or just make the most of your weekly budget. To point you to the right direction, here are some of our favourite personal finance blogs.

Inner City Stinge

Innercity Do you live in the city and are always on a tight budget? Then Inner City Stinge is the best friend you’ve been looking for. Created by Georgia Leaker, this blog is full of tips on how to stretch your budget and still enjoy a few comforts in life. A self-confessed sugar addict, the blogger provides recipes on sweet treats, one-pot wonders, and other cheap eats. If your wanderlust is getting the best of you, let Inner City Stinge be your top source of budget travel tips. Because local markets provide the freshest and cheapest ingredients, you’ll also see posts about the author’s favourite spots for food shopping and eating out. Penny pinchers will love the blog’s suggested cheap activities that’ll keep you busy on weekends.

Kylie Ofiu

The woman behind this blog, Kylie Ofiu, is an author, writer, and speaker. Backed by her inspiring experiences on personal finance, the blog is full of practical tips on how to save money, reduce debt, calculate your net worth, and other money-saving tricks. The author’s personal approach on a variety of finance topics has helped made her an award-winning blogger. As an author, Kylie has penned several books that are meant to help people dealing with issues on personal finance, domestic abuse, and homelessness. Today, Kylie continues to inspire her readers to overcome any obstacle and reach their financial goals with a better perspective in life.

David and Libby Koch

Davidandlibby If you’re looking for no-nonsense tips on handling tax refunds, dealing with financial mistakes, and ways on how to invest, the Finance section of is your best bet. Authored by David and Libby Koch, this personal finance blog offers a practical guide on when and how to invest, sample investment computations, and strategies to take good care of your nest egg. David Koch’s experiences as a financial journalist makes him a reputable source of information on stuff you probably have a lot of questions about. His articles have also been published on other highly recognized online publications, making him an authoritative figure on personal finances.

The Smart Money

Smartmoney The Smart Money is a good resource if you want to learn the basics of handling finances. The author behind this blog is Wally David, a certified financial planner and Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Computing degree holder. Backed by his experience and formal education, Wally David provides clear discussions of your financial options without the fancy jargon. By simplifying financial information, this blog is a good resource if you want to educate yourself on financial planning. The blog covers a variety of topics such as retirement, investing, superannuation, and tax planning. If you think these topics are too complicated, check out the blog’s easy-to-understand explanations and definition of common financial terms.

Stay at Home Mum

stayathomemum The blog name says it all. An all-out guide for moms, Stay at Home Mum is your one-stop blog for everything you need to know to manage finances, juggle a career and family, and improve your lifestyle. The woman behind this online resource is Jody Allen, a mompreneur who started out with a Facebook page filled with tips on how to support a family with just one wage earner. Over the years, her FB page grew into a full-blown blog that aims to help people save money. Whether you’re looking for personal finance tips to budget-friendly recipes your kids will love, this site has what you need. Peppered with general lifestyle tips, getting a new perspective in life is easier with this fantastic blog.

Frugal and Thriving

stayathomemum Another blog from a mom who’s passionate about budgeting while enjoying the good life, Frugal and Thriving is jam-packed with awesome tips on how to save money, hobbies, and lifestyle. Created by Melissa, a Queensland-based wife and mom, this blog is her way of pursuing her writing career and sharing her passion for budget hacks. Tips on how to save money, eat delicious and healthy food without breaking the bank, and enjoying your life for a lot less are sure to keep you motivated. The blog also gives tips on maintaining healthy relationships and improving your self-esteem by making better financial choices. Do you have a favorite finance blogger? Share it with us through @AlphaFinance.