Surprising Valentine’s Day Stats That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

surprising valentines day stats

We all know that February is the month of love, and the month that couples get excited for every year. A lot of people spend so much money during this time, with businesses such as flower shops and restaurants booming as customers try to reserve their slots and have their flower arrangements ready before February 14.

Last year, people spent almost 26 billion AUD on Valentine’s Day gifts and merchandise alone. With that being said, V-day clearly hasn’t lost its momentum just yet. Although a lot of adults and young adults have said that they are single, some of them are still paying a lot for Valentine’s Day. Curious as to where they spend their money during the big date?

Read up on these Velentine's Day stats from Bing

1. A single man is willing to spend 93 AUD, and an average single woman dishes out 52 AUD during Valentine’s Day. In this day and age, everything is possible, and a lot has changed compared to the previous years. Single people are willing to spend their money on booze and food with friends, while some love buying stuff for themselves.
2. A lot of thoughtful people are choosing to buy gifts for their friends than their boyfriends. claimed that when people searched for “Valentine’s Day Gifts For…” on the website, 22 percent filled in “husband”, while 20 percent of people typed “friend”, and only 17 percent typed in “boyfriend”. Now, that’s stat is pretty interesting, we must say.
3. More and more people are getting furry friends as their companions, and has the stats to prove it. Last year, 19 percent of people got their furry friends a Valentine’s gift, which gave the market a total of 890 million AUD.
4. In 2016, a lot of people dished out a total of 5.9 billion AUD on jewellery alone. This is all thanks to 50 percent of people proposing on Valentine's Day itself, leading them to buy rings for it.
5. According to, people love the gift of experience nowadays. A rough 39 percent of people bought theater tickets in particular last year. Comedy shows are a big hit as well, as 35 percent of consumers, both single and in a relationship, spent almost 4.7 billion AUD on experiences alone.
6. 34 percent of consumers went out to eat on the 14th of February last year. Whether they are eating with friends, family, or their special someone, spending time and money on the day itself is something that they prepare for, making V-day the second busiest day of the year for restaurants.
7. Online shopping totally became a hit since last year. 28 percent of people got their presents online, while the other 35 percent shopped online and in-store.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!