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Home Makeover Tricks to Help Reduce Electricity Costs

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Now that summer is over, you’re probably starting to feel the autumn chill. Once the temperature starts to go down, you’re going to want to adjust the heater or thermostat at home. So don’t be surprised if your electric bills starting this month are higher than the previous ones. Fortunately, there are ways for you to reduce electricity costs. If you’re planning to give your house a makeover, make sure to include the following projects that can help reduce power consumption:

Enjoy more sunshine with a skylight

install a skylight finance tips Why not lighten up a room with a skylight? By letting in natural light, a room gets illuminated without having to add more bulbs or light fixtures that can increase electricity consumption. Aside from its energy-saving purpose, a skylight also makes a room look more airy and bright. Just make sure that you hire a professional to do it if you aren’t that confident of your DIY skills. Remember, you’re putting a hole through your roof, so the frame has to be airtight to prevent air and water from getting inside.

Trim hedges around your house

trim hedges Finance tips Unruly hedges and bushes can block natural light that can easily brighten up your house and help lessen electricity use. So before you install another light fixture because a room seems dark and dreary, prune the hedges to get more natural light into your home. Keep the hedges and bushes around your house properly trimmed all-year round to guarantee brighter interiors without having to use more lights.

Add solar panels on your roof

solar panels Finance tips Australia’s dry climate and location makes it an ideal place for solar panel installations. Check out your local housing office and ask about the National Solar credits scheme, a government program that helps you save on installation expenses through rebates and subsidies when you decide to put up solar panels. The solar panel equipment comes with an REC or Renewable Energy Certificate that, together with your home’s location, will determine the total amount you’ll be able to save once you go solar.

Repair or improve home insulation

home insulation Finance tips Worn-out door and window frames can easily let draught into your home. Once cold air gets inside, your heater has to work harder and consume more power to keep you and your family warm and cosy. To lessen energy consumption, fill in spaces around windows and doors with foam or rubber strips and tape them up tight with draught seals. Right before autumn or winter, check your window and door frames for signs of damage and repair them as soon as possible to make your home ready for the cold weather.

Repaint walls with a lighter shade

house painting Finance tips If you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover, repaint your walls with a lighter color. This is because when you’re in a room with dark walls, you have the tendency to switch on the lights more often to brighten up the room. To prevent this, brighten up the room with a lighter paint. This way you’ll let in more natural light, and the room will look bigger, airy, and less dreary. With these simple home makeover tricks, reducing your power consumption doesn’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing a lot. By installing a skylight, trimming the hedges around your house, adding solar panels, fixing up the door and window trims, and repainting walls with a lighter hue, you’ll be able to save a lot on power bills and keep your home looking airy and fresh.

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