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How to Properly Care for a New Car

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Getting a new car is like an adulthood right. You never truly feel like a grownup until you hold the keys to your very first car that you paid or is currently paying for out of your pocket. Understandably, you are excited to get in your car and drive to all the places. And when you’re excited, you hardly think. And when you don’t think, mistakes are made. If you want to keep your car looking like it does right now, then it’s best you take care of it.

Treat your car right

While you’re making the payments through your car finance, learn what you should and shouldn’t do to a brand-new car. When you take care of your vehicle, it will be able to run better and last you a whole lot longer. If you’re a first-time car owner, here are a few things you should NOT do to your new vehicle:

Don’t put the pedal to the metal. Unless you’re looking to see how fast you can wear out the engine’s piston rings, it is highly recommended that you don’t push full throttle on your vehicle. Go slow, and take it easy. Your car engine will thank you later.

Don’t drive without warming up first. In sports, it’s essential that we warm out by stretching so that our muscles are loose and our heart rate slowly increases. Going without warm-up causes unnecessary pain and injury. The same can be said about your vehicle. Before you drive, make sure that you’ve fully warmed up the engine to help avoid any damage.

Don’t let your petrol go below a quarter tank. Petrol prices are high. But that shouldn’t be an excuse not to fill up your tank. A lot of people think that waiting until their tank is empty as per the gauge’s measurement is a good idea. But it’s not. The gauge isn’t always accurate. And if it says that you have roughly half a tank left, then it’s best just to get it filled. You’ll have a full tank of petrol to play around with, as well as an engine that won’t be running on fumes.

Avoid using premium petrol. Sometimes we want to take extra care of our car. But it can be unnecessary. For instance, premium petrol. You might think you’re doing your vehicle a favour by going with some Premium Unleaded. It’s mostly a money grab, and you’re better off using the regular. They both work the same for your car unless specified by the manufacturer.

Don’t ignore the manual. More often than not, people ignore their car’s instruction manual. Because their thinking is “I’ll figure all of this out on my own. I don’t need this.” We like to think that we’re better off learning from experience rather than reading the how-tos in the manual. This type of thinking is wrong. You should take even a bit of time to go through the user manual and try to get to know your car a lot more. This way, even if you don’t need to take care of something, you’ll know how to maintain and use your care for years to come properly.

A car costs a lot of money. So, it only makes sense to take better care of it. Avoid using it too roughly or letting the elements get to it. It could save you a lot of money in the long run. You can then use the money you saved on petrol to help keep your vehicle on the road. Keep your new car looking new for more than just a day by following these simple tips today.

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