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Must Have Car Safety Features

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When you’re looking to purchase a car for your family, the first thing you consider is its price. After all, having a car doesn’t mean much if you can’t pay for it. But aside from its price tag, you should also consider how safe it is. Will it be able to keep your family safe in case of an accident?

Car Safety

Some people like to refer to old school cars as death traps as they often don’t have the safety features and can kill its passengers with one wrong turn.

Luckily, modern cars come equipped with the standard seatbelt and airbag; and sometimes that is enough. But once you have kids, you’ll always want what’s best for them.

And here are some safety features, you might want to consider when shopping for your new family car:

Electronic Stability Control

electronic stability control

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Cars manufactured in 2014 onwards now have this feature as a standard. The Electronic Stability Control detects any loss of traction and automatically drops the engine power if it does. This will then allow the driver to keep control of the vehicle, thus preventing an accident as a result.

Anti-Lock Brakes

anti lock brakes

Icy roads are always tricky to drive through, as it is easy for your tyres to slip and can even cause accidents. Anti-lock brakes can help prevent these types of accidents from happening by allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle after applying the brakes in an emergency situation. ABS has become a standard feature on cars since 2004.

Lane Assist System

lane assist system

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Long drives can get tiring, and if you’re driving through a long stretch of road for a long time, there’s always a chance that you lose your concentration and slowly drift onto the next lane. That type of accident can cause a massive pile up on the road, not to mention damage to vehicles and people.

A Lane Assist System alerts you if it senses that you are starting to drift from your path, and will steer your car back on track.

Rear View Camera

rear-view camera

Rear view mirrors can only help so much. Owning a rear-view camera for your car will allow you to see just what is directly behind your vehicle as you are backing up onto your driveway or a parking spot. It’s handy to have, especially for larger cars with a blind spot just behind their vehicle.

Autonomous Emergency Brakes

autonomous emergency brakes

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Sometimes, accidents will happen. Emergencies don’t give drivers much time to prepare or step on their brakes fast enough. Autonomous emergency brakes hope to change that. It will alert the driver of any obstacles that can cause a potential accident and will advertently apply the brakes, preventing a collision, or reducing the damage taken if a crash is unavoidable.

Fog Lamps

fog lamps

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Driving through heavy rain or fog is no fun. You lose visibility on the road, and you won’t be able to see any oncoming vehicles. The best solution for this is a fog lamp. The difference between a fog lamp and the standard headlights is that fog lights produce a low, wide beam of light with less glare and can penetrate the fog. Yellow fog lights are recommended as they are known to scatter less, giving you better visibility.

Owning a car is an investment, and that is why you should never neglect the safety of your family when inside the vehicle. Remember to always ask your dealer about the safety features of the car you are considering to purchase with your car finance provider, and to only choose a model that meets all your car safety needs.

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