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How to Make Your Car Smell Fresh and Great

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You use your car every day. You drive yourself to work, take your kids to school, and go around town in your car to do errands.

Since you use your vehicle frequently, it will get dirty and smell bad over time.

For sure, no one would want to ride with you, and they would rather take the bus or just walk. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are quick and easy ways you can get your car smelling fresh and clean in no time.


car freshner

Air fresheners.

Choose one that is designed for cars and find a scent that you like. Be sure to place it where the air can flow freely. You can use a dashboard, a vent clip air freshener or those tree-shaped air fresheners which you can easily hang on the rearview mirror.

Dryer sheets.

They aren’t just handy for laundry, you can also use them to freshen up the smell of your vehicle. Just open a box and place it under the front seat. It’s cheaper than your typical air freshener and it can last longer, too.

Also, if you or a passenger just smoked a cigarette, you can quickly take one out of the box and wipe it all over your clothes to make it smell freshly laundered.

Essential oils.

If you want to go for a healthy and all-natural option, you can drop a generous amount of essential oils on a clay disc. Place it in your car once the clay disc has absorbed the essential oils and have your ride smelling like fresh flowers with little effort.

unlit scented candle

Charcoal briquettes.

Do you have some of these lying around? In case you didn’t know, charcoal is great for absorbing smells and moisture in your car. They’re not just great for removing fridge odours and such. Leave them in your car for some time to absorb that unpleasant, stubborn smell in your car.

Use an unlit scented candle.

You can choose from a wide selection of scents, so why not use them to make your car smell real nice. Find a candle that’s small enough to place under the seat.

Remove all the litter.

Toss out all the clutter, vacuum the carpet and seats of your vehicle. Clean all the spills from your cup holders, as well as other spots like your leather seats. Make sure you use a clean fabric to wipe down your seats, dashboard, and the rest of your car’s interior.  

baking soda

Pour some baking soda.

Sprinkle it on your seat and carpet. Scrub it using a brush and let it stay overnight before you vacuum your car. Using baking soda is a proven way to remove all sorts of unwanted smell, like cigarette smoke or the smells that your sweaty kids and pets can leave behind.

Drive with the windows open.

For stubborn smells, you can leave your windows open and force the foul smell out of your car. When you go for a quick drive, a strong breeze may help blow out that smell that just won’t leave.

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