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Looking for a job amid the coronavirus outbreak?

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If you’ve lost your job due to the current global crisis, you’re certainly not alone. Here’s one you can sign up for in minutes.

Just this week, thousands of businesses across the country shut up shop for an unspecified future, leaving tens of thousands of Australians without work and without many options for what they can do now.

As the Government offers stimulus packages and your family and friends offer consolations and reminders that at least you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on Stan (as if you hadn’t been watching enough already), it is understandable to feel wary about what this means for you – plus the months of uncertainty ahead of you.

Because as much as we can appreciate Friends and government-backed income support, they’re not guaranteed to adequately cover all of your needs during this difficult time. After all, there’s not only rent to pay for, there are also things like groceries, bills, and maybe that online course you’ve been wanting to take now that you’ve got heaps of spare time.

That’s why we’ve just tweaked our policies to help you take back some control. They’ll even help you to help your community as we band together through these tough times – from a safe social distance, of course.

Let us explain.

The rise of food delivery services

Though the government sensibly put an end to Sunday brunches and dinner dates by instructing restaurants, pubs and cafés to close their doors to dine-ins, we haven’t had to say goodbye to the likes of Deliveroo or Dominos.

That’s right: though for the moment we can’t eat at our favourite places, we can still have their delicious food conveniently driven to and dropped at our front door.

Naturally, that means more restaurants are now offering food delivery. Add to this a surge in demand for takeaway as people avoid busy grocery shops, and you can imagine why the demand for food delivery services is stronger than ever right now. This is where you come in, my friend.

Coronavirus demands are different

We all have to adapt in unsettling times; right now, most of us are adapting to a socially isolated way of life. We’re using toilet paper more wisely and trying to come to terms with the fact we’ve never actually washed our hands properly until now.

For those of us unexpectedly jobless, we can now try to adapt to the needs of the workforce, which is experiencing demands in different areas to serve a different society.

One such service is food delivery, and we’re empowering you to get on board. It’s one of few job options right now that, if eligible, you can sign up for and get started in just minutes.

Plus, you don’t even need to own a car.

We’ve updated our policy to incorporate no lock-in contracts. That means you can rent a car from us for as little or as long as you need, whether that’s one hour, one week or one month. Plus, we’re offering extremely affordable rates as we know there’d be no point of this if you didn’t stand to make a profit.

You can return your car to us whenever you need to, and all you’ll need to pay for while you have the car is petrol. (Provided it’s returned in the condition we loaned it to you.)

To get you started, here’s a quick list for delivery services looking for workers right now:

And if you need a car, contact the friendly team at Alpha Finance or Alpha Car Hire online today or call us on 1300 257 426.

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