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Last Minute Holiday Decors That Won’t Put a Hole in Your Wallet

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Holidays can be pretty rough on the pocket: airfare, shopping, and decors included. Christmas decorations that are on sale are not easy to find, and finding the ones that you truly fancy are even harder to get on the market.

Here at Alpha Finance, we want you to make the most out of your money and savings. We love helping you with your finances and thus, we have gathered helpful tips on how to save money while having quality Christmas decors.

1. DIY Christmas Decors

You might be tired of hearing about DIY stuff, but this one is actually pretty effective when it comes to saving money. Not only do you save tons of bucks, but you also get to unleash your creative side, and get the decors that you really want.

Most of the stuff that you need for these DIY decors are most probably available inside your house, so you do not have to run out and get certain items to use for your project.

• On dinner tables

If you want one that would easily catch the attention of your visitors, then follow these simple tips. For silverware holders, you can easily use mini Christmas stockings.

Not only are you adding a cute flair to your table, but you’re saving on some bucks as well. For place card holders, you can use pinecones instead of expensive ready-made ones.

Here is a sample and inspiration if you’re looking for one.

• Have your kids join in on the fun. Keep the kids busy by having them create holiday designs with Popsicle sticks. Buy a whole box full of sticks, and glue different colours to it.

Stick them together in various snowflake shapes and once they’re already dry, you can paint them right away. Stick them into your walls or doorways for a brighter home.

• Make good use of your old mason jars. Yes, those mason jars can be reused! You can actually create different things with it: paint and draw on them, fill them with spices and aromatic potpourri, use the lid as tree ornaments, turn them into lanterns and snow globes, luminaries and more! You can click on this link for more inspiration.

2. Consider Recycling and Reusing

You can, of course, use the ones that you have used from last year. This is actually the best tip for saving up during the holidays.

You can try revamping and improving the decorations for a better look. You will be surprised at how many compliments you will get from your friends and family!

3. Be Resourceful

The internet is a blessing to everyone, so we all better make good use out of it. You can try searching for ongoing sale around your area or even asking around the neighbourhood for nearby shopping options.

Some websites such as the Christmas warehouse offers online shopping, which is very convenient especially for the ones who do not have time for actual shopping.

Christmas and the holidays don’t have to be expensive! All you have to do is look, and you will find exactly the things that you are looking for! Happy Holidays and enjoy your vacation!

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