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Importance of a Car Tune Up

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Vitamins, a healthy lifestyle, and regular check-ups ensure that we live long, healthy lives. Your car works in the same way. If you make sure that it’s well maintained and provide it with the necessary fluids, you can enjoy using it for years to come. Of course, you should also remember to bring it in for its regular tune up.

What is a Tune Up?

A tune up is a lot like a checkup with your doctor. The mechanic goes over your car and replaces worn out parts like spark plugs, fluids, as well as air and fuel filters. They also take a look at your engine parts like the belts, hoses, and determine if your fluid levels need replacing.

Car tune-ups are very important, as they keep your car driving like new and prevent wear and tear on its components.

Some car owners put off getting their vehicles tuned up, resulting in their faster deterioration. If you’re one of those car owners, then you need to see the importance of a car tune-up:

Costs Less than Large Repairs

avoid large repairs

Minor breaks can lead to more extensive repairs if not taken care of right away. During tune-ups, your mechanic will be able to see any wear and tears that can be fixed right away. This can prevent the damage from getting worse, and ensure that your car rolls out of the shop good to run for another 50,000 km.

Avoid Accidents

avoid accidents

Imagine driving down the road at night, and you suddenly see an oncoming vehicle headed right towards you. You swerve to avoid it and hit your brakes but it doesn’t work. Before you know it, your car is totalled and you’re injured. The worst part? It could have all been prevented.

A regular car tune-up also involves checking out your brake pads where they can advise you if they see that it needs changing. The same goes for all your other car’s lights. They check out each one and replace lights that have broken down.

Prevents Roadside breakdowns

tow trucks

Another thing that you can avoid with routine maintenance is roadside breakdowns. It’s terrible to have your car stop working when you’re in unfamiliar territory. You then have to call a tow company to get your car back home, talk to your mechanic to have him fix it, and pay these people for their services.

Routine maintenance on your car is less time consuming and a lot cheaper in the long run.

Save Money


Speaking of savings, routine maintenance is beneficial for you and your family’s car in the long run. Imagine the costs of massive repairs and towing services, topped with parts that need replacing; all of that will eventually add up and it will cost you and the family money that you could have used more efficiently.

One Car to Rule Them All

The most important aspect of a car tune up is that it extends the life of your vehicle. We’ve already established that cars are a significant investment and taking care of it will work out best for you on the long.

In fact, a well-maintained vehicle will allow you to hand down your car to your children when the time comes Thus, turning it into a family heirloom that brings back memories of your road trips together.

Buying a family car is one of those milestones you achieve in your life. Take care of this investment, and treat it like an extension of your home when you’re on the road. So, always remember to get a tune-up now and then, especially before going on a long drive.

Whether you choose to buy your car outright or make use of car finance services like Alpha Finance, take care of your investment to ensure that their value when it’s time to upgrade.

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