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How to Plan a Travel Budget

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Travelling the world brings with it all sorts of adventures and experiences. As you pack your bags and prepare your itinerary, have you stopped and considered if you have enough money when you leave?

Is bringing your ATM card a smart idea? Or will it cost too much to use the cash machines at your destination?

Plan a Travel Budget

First and foremost, you must have a planned budget for your trip. How much money will you be willing to spend? How much are you allocating for your accommodations, meals, and souvenirs if you plan to bring home some?

If you’re having trouble preparing a travel budget for your next vacation, then here are a few tips that you can follow.

Establish a Food Budget

establish a food budget

An excellent way to save on your meals is to check your accommodations. Hotels, sometimes, offer a free breakfast with the room you are staying in, and that can be beneficial because you don’t have to worry about food first thing in the morning.

The only downside to this is that your options for breakfast might be limited. If you can’t get a hotel room with breakfast, you can always do your research online or ask a friend who has been to the place you are going to find out any budget-friendly places to eat.



When you visit a new place or a country, most of your time will be spent trying out their local specialities and exploring the sites. For the most part, you’ll only be staying at your hotel or inn for the night to sleep. Put that into consideration when looking to book a room.

If you want to get the full immersion experience, we recommend you try homestay accommodation, where you can live with local families and see what it’s like to live in that location.

You get to experience the hospitality of the locals, as well as meet new people, all while saving money on your accommodations.

Consider transport options

consider transport options

What kind of place will you be visiting? If it’s the city, the chances are that public transport will be plenty and you’ll have no trouble getting around.

However, in cities like New York where the Subway connects just about every part of the town, it pays to buy an unlimited ride card to ensure that you always have enough fare to take the train to your destination.

But sometimes, finding a reliable car hire is the best option to get around the city without hassle.

Plan Your Activities

plan your activities

While you’re doing research, determine what places offer the best deals in doing the activities you want to do. And if you’re travelling with a group, check to see if they offer any group discounts.

When planning your itinerary, be realistic at what activities you want to do, and what your budget will allow. That way, you can have a good idea of what activities you will be trying out with the budget you have.

Stick to your budget

stick to your budget

Finally, and probably the most important tip of all, stick to your budget. Once you’ve come up with how much you plan to spend on each activity and your accommodations, stick to it.

But do remember to bring some extra money for emergencies, but only use it when you need it. If you go over budget, you can expect your bank account to have a bad time.

Follow these tips, and you should be set for your next vacation budget. But aside from worrying about the amount of money you will bring, remember to enjoy yourself during your holiday.

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