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Your Ultimate Guide to the End of Financial Year Sale for 2017

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Addicted to online shopping? Well, you might as well make the most out of it during Australia’s end of financial year 2017!

You know how it goes – businesses and stores go on massive sale for the benefit of the consumers, and for them to get rid of old stocks before June 30.

People go crazy over these financial year sales, and who can blame them? You might as well join the hype and hop on the bandwagon!

Here are some of the shops to check out during the 2017 EoFY:

1. Priceline Pharmacy – They carry brands such as Colgate, Lynx, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Scholl, Olay, Dove, Nivea, and a whole lot more! Get 50% off on their big brand sale and save up on your groceries.

2. David Jones – They offer a wide range of products including clothing for men and women, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up, children’s clothes, food, home appliances, and basically everything under the sun! Catch their sale until May 14, 2017.

3. Microsoft – Get these amazing Bose headphones and Microsoft Surface for prices lower than you’d expect!

4. Alpha Finance – Get the car of your dreams by visiting our website! Our car lease branches in Brisbane and our other locations have a special surprise for you, as we are offering cars for as low as $290 until the 30th of June! You better hurry, as we never know when we will run out of stock!

5. City Beach Australia – City Beach Australia carries well-known brands such as Billabong, Nike, Topanga, Vans, Mooloola, Lucid, and more. Get a special EoFY sale by visiting their website and getting your fix on stylish clothes, footwear, accessories, sunglasses, watches, activewear, and more!

6. Boohoo – Hurry and head on to Boohoo’s site, as they are slashing 50% off on absolutely everything! If you spend more than $60, too, you get free shipping – as long as you are in Australia!

7. Ebay – Even Ebay’s joining in on the fun! Shop for furniture, art and decor, office stuff, kids’ clothes, lighting, and rugs during the End of Financial Year Sale!

Our tip: spend your money wisely and think twice before buying an item or two. If you are using your credit card, then make sure that you can pay for it later. Happy shopping!

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