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Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

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Dads are generally great. They teach you everything you need to learn while you’re growing up and often, they have the best jokes to back it up. What’s more, they might’ve even helped you out of a jam like finding you a car lease program that one time because your bad credit was making it impossible for you to get a car on your own.

That’s why this Father’s Day, it’s important to make sure that you get your dad the best present you can. But because it’s just a few days away now, you might need to pick up the slack and find him something at the last minute. Here are a few suggestions:

Wooden tabletop games

What’s better than sharing a few beers and sitting on the porch and talking to your dad? A competitive game on a tabletop game.

Games like foosball, pool, and even air hockey come in massive table-sized games that take up way too much space. The next best thing is to get a smaller, portable version for your dad. That way, your entire family can play on it whenever everyone is home for a visit, or your dad can play with your mom or his pals on the weekend and make it into a weekend bonding activity.

Darrel Lea Dad’s Bag

If your dad has a sweet tooth and is a fan of Darrel Lea, then a Darrel Lea Dad’s Bag is a great present to surprise him with. These bags are packed with various Australian-made liquorice and chocolates. You can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep so you can take it to your dad. Or you can send it to him if you can’t make it home in time for Father’s Day.

Chill Chest

Some dads love the great outdoors and that of course, includes camping. A great gift idea for the outdoorsy type of dad is the Chill Chest.

The Chill Chest can keep your food and beverages hot or cold, depending on your preference for up to 10 hours. Perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend camping trip. When not in use, it easily folds up to be put away, ready for the next big trip.

Speaking of outdoors, getting there can prove to be a challenge. Especially if your dad is driving an old car that is probably on its last legs. So, why not team up with mum and get your dad his own Dual Cab Ute this father’s day? Alpha Finance’s special Father’s Day offer for a Nissan Navara could be just what you are looking for.


What’s a dad without his tools? The Multi-Cut is the perfect tool for any dad who likes to be prepared for anything.

The Multi-Cut is a three-in-one tool that acts as a cutter, utility knife, and a wire cutter all in one handy device. When bought, it comes with extra blades and is sturdy enough to cut through cables, leather, and trees among others.

Bluetooth Jukebox

Get your dad jamming to his favourite tunes with a Bluetooth Jukebox. The iBright Bluetooth Jukebox comes with a CD player and FM radio. Your dad can play all the songs he wants and dance to some of them without holding back.

The Jukebox also comes with an LCD track display and AUX capabilities, so your dad can connect his phone without the use of Bluetooth.

Your gift doesn’t need to be expensive for you to make your dad feel loved. In fact, merely paying him a visit with dinner will be more than enough to make your dad feel proud of the person you have become.

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