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How to Earn Extra Money with Your Car

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For some people, they see a car, and they think that it’s a money pit. It eats up a lot of money on maintenance and fuel that they would choose to take the bus or a cab than get themselves mixed up in all of that. But if you know how to handle your finances and your car carefully, you can make your car pay for itself.

Extra money

Using your car to do a few jobs here and there can benefit you in the long run. For one thing, it can provide the additional income you need to pay for fuel and even small repairs here and there. Everybody knows about ride sharing, but if you’re not keen on having strangers in your car or are worried about faster wear and tear due to the longer miles, there are other options for you to have some extra income in your pocket:

Sell Advertising

car advertising

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If you drive to work on the other side of town on a daily basis, or just do a lot of driving in general, then maybe you can consider using your car as a moving billboard. Websites that offer this service often allow drivers to choose a brand they are comfortable having on their vehicle. However, keep in mind that as a brand ambassador, you have to be on your best behaviour. As doing something reckless like speeding won’t make the best impression on other people.

Errands and Deliveries

errands and deliveries

Another way to make some money behind the wheel is to run errands for those who do not have time to pick up their prescription medicines, their groceries, etc. You can even offer to drive people to their medical appointments, as some won’t be able to take themselves. The best part is that you will be helping someone out as well as yourself, a win-win situation.

Help people move

help people move

People moving houses always need a hand regarding transport. If you’re sporting a ute or a large van, you can offer your vehicle as a medium for people to get from one place to another. It’s a great way to utilise your vehicle’s power and earn some extra gas money while doing so. Dedicated apps and websites are always looking for people with larger vehicles just for this purpose.

Wedding Chauffer

weddubf chauffer

Fancy getting dressed up? Offer your car up as a bridal car online, and charge newlyweds to drive them to the wedding, reception, and even back to their hotel in the evening. It’s a low-stress job for you and your vehicle, and the decorations will be up to the people getting married. All you have to do is make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion and that your car is clean and on time.

Carpool kids to school

carpool kids to school

Do most of the kids in your neighbourhood go to the same primary school? You can talk to the parents and have them pay you to drive their kids to and from school. It’s a cheaper option compared to the school bus, and it can even become a fun part of the day for your kids as they enjoy the drive to school with their pals.

Remember that if you get tired, your car also gets tired. So, it is essential to let it rest now and then and to make sure that everything is in order before answering an ad online or on the paper. But most of all, don’t forget to stay safe on the road. No amount of money is ever worth your life or the lives of others.

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