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5 Ways to Celebrate with Time Instead of Money

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Everyone today is trying to be frugal, because why not? Prices are going up, but our savings are not exactly at a level where we can be completely satisfied. However, as Australians, we love to celebrate. We are naturally festive, and we basically celebrate everything in life: birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, baptism, Easter, graduation, and a whole lot more!

Celebrations can be extremely costly, although it doesn’t always have to be. Money and material things are not the only things that can make a person happy during a celebration. In fact, some might even enjoy the thought of your presence rather than your presents.

Enumerated below are some of the ways you could celebrate with time instead of money.

Spend the Whole Day With Your Loved Ones

Are you looking to celebrate a friend or a family member’s special day? Surprise them by showing up and spending the whole day with them. You might have been too busy to visit them lately, and now is the perfect time to make up for lost time. It will make you feel extremely happy and content, too, as seeing your loved ones happy will make your heart flutter, too.

Do Their Errands for Them

This one is something that I would totally appreciate. Offer to pay their bills, do their grocery shopping, walk their dog, or even clean the house. Let them relax somewhere else and do their thing for them for the whole day.

Trust me, they would appreciate it more than being gifted a fancy pair of earrings. This way, you are giving them more time for themselves. The best thing is you do not have to pay anything to be able to do this.

Bring Everyone Together

It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner or a grand party, a simple backyard barbecue would definitely suffice. Tell everyone not to bring expensive and lavish gifts, just their presence would do.

You can even do a “movie night” type of thing – rent a huge film projector, place it on your backyard, and prepare light and inexpensive snacks. Not only will it bring people closer, but it would also be an intimate gathering especially made for you and your loved ones.

Go Camping

Camping is extremely cheap, yet super fun. Find a good camping spot where you and your friends or family can hang out for the whole day, or even overnight. Bring a few snacks, drinks, some barbecue, and marshmallows to roast later in the day.

You can even gather around a bonfire and tell stories to make everything more fun. You can also bring your frisbee and volleyball! These activities will definitely make you feel closer.

Share the Love

Lastly, you can give consumable gifts for everyone to share. Buy a board game that everyone will love, and ask everyone to participate. You can also buy edible snacks and share it around.

Celebrating with your loved ones doesn’t always have to equate to money and material stuff. Make the most out of your time together, and you are all sure to have a blast! Enjoy and seize the day!

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