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Cash In Your Hidden Treasures With New Year’s Cleaning

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Yes, you can do spring cleaning in the summer. More importantly, you can make a bit of extra cash after doing it.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, you’ve probably heard of fall cleaning too, but have you heard of New Year’s Cleaning?

When the holidays leave behind trails of mess and the hordes of New Year’s Resolutioners swear to get organised, people get into spring cleaning mode for the first month of the year.

It may be warm and sunny down under right now, and cleaning may be the furthest thing from your mind; but if you’re going to be cleaning the messes made over Christmas and New Year’s anyway, you might as well do an overall and make some money out of it.

Admit it, the prospect of making money made you more open to the idea of actually cleaning your house.

You get to start on two things in your resolutions list (getting organised and making better financial decisions), and you get to enjoy a clean space to live in for the next few weeks.

Check out these simple ways to make money from your New Year’s cleaning:

Sell Your Old Tech

Tackle Debt If you’re a part of the age whose devices move on as quickly as tech upgrades, then you should have a small stack of old mobiles and other tech devices lying around.

Instead of having them gather dust in an old, forgotten corner of your house, send them over to companies like CashaPhone where you can make a few quick dollars and help reduce Australia’s unused electronics.

From old phones to tablets, to laptops, to even old Apple products, you can send them in exchange for money.

Imagine, you get to clean your house of clutter, make a little bit of cash, and help reduce unnecessary waste in our landfills.

Sell Your Old Uni Books and Notes

Add to Your Bonus Savings Account Most of us are book and note hoarders. I bet you still have some of your old notes and books from uni.

Don’t throw them out after New Year’s cleaning! There are loads of students out there who just don’t want to take notes or always miss class because of their jobs.

Websites like NoteXchange can connect you to those students so you can sell your old notes, study guides, and even flashcards.

If you have old textbooks, websites like Jekkle let you sell them to students. You get to earn a few extra dollars while helping out students save up on second hand books.

Sell Your Gift Cards

Add to Your Bonus Savings Account Gift cards are one of those presents you get when the gift giver doesn’t really know what to give you. Sometimes, you receive them knowing you’ll never go into that shop, and just lose them around the house.

When you clean out every nook and cranny of your home, these gift cards and all sorts of coupons and vouchers just appear like a wild Pokemon.

If you don’t know anyone who’d actually want to use them, you might as well make a little profit. Check out websites like Craigslist and Gumtree.

You’d find people who want all sorts of gift cards. Just snap a photo and add a little bit of information about your non-expired gift cards.

Who knows, you just might make a few hundred dollars from them.

Have a Facebook Garage Sale

Add to Your Bonus Savings Account Everybody loves a garage sale. Everybody except the person who needs to clean up afterwards.

If you’re going to spend all that time cleaning your house, you’re not going to want to create more mess even if it is out on the yard or garage.

You might not have a whole weekend to sit outside and wait for people to stop by either. You can still have a yard sale, but online.

No more setting up the yard or garage. You can sell anything and everything from old furniture to decors, to even clothes.

It’s just a matter of snapping photos and posting them on your own account or on garage sale groups on Facebook.

Just make sure you learn the rules and guidelines of groups before listing your items.

If a clean home in itself isn’t enough to get you cleaning, then the few extra hundred or so should motivate you.

Instead of New Year’s cleaning, let’s call in treasure hunting. You can use the money you get from these “treasures” for much-needed pampering, or even help out a little bit with your rent, car loan repayments, or even groceries. Happy Hunting!

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