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Car washing tips: do’s and dont’s

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Part of taking care of your car is cleaning and maintenance. Doing so can help preserve the value of your vehicle. But be careful what you do with your car because some cleaning products might do more harm than good.

Best car washing tips

When you manage to get a car through a bad credit car loan, you will want to do everything you can to ensure that it is in the best running condition. That’s why you need to regularly wash it to ensure that the accumulated dust and dirt don’t cause any other problems in the long run.

Sometimes, the way you wash your car or use the products can harm your vehicle. So, check out these do’s and don’ts car washing tips. These can help you be more mindful of what you should or shouldn’t do with your vehicle.


  • Wait too long between washes. While there are ways to keep your car clean in between washes, you shouldn’t wait too long to wash it. A proper car wash should be done at least once every two weeks, or after going for a long drive.
  • Have anything on you that can scratch the paint. Your watch, belt, or even ring can ruin the car paint when it accidentally scratches the surface. So, remember to remove these items before you get started to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t sustain any damage.
  • Neglect out of sights areas. When cleaning your car, it is essential to get to ALL the parts that need cleaning. That includes your trunk and floor mats.
  • Rely on just power washing. One of the more common car washing tips that you get is power washing. Power washing your car is a great way to remove dirt fast. But keep in mind that just because it’s wet doesn’t mean it’s clean.


  • Follow the instructions on how to use cleaning products. For your cleaning products to do its job, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Use it according to the specifications and nothing else.
  • Dry the car properly. With the use of a clean, dry cloth, or a first car dryer, remember to dry the vehicle after washing it thoroughly.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. That way, you can move around more freely. Just remember to avoid clothing with zippers or any other metal parts to prevent paint scratches.
  • Clean the inside. Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is a car washing tip you need to keep in mind. Use a vacuum cleaner and take out any pieces of trash left inside to prevent rodent infestations.

Hopefully, these car washing tips can help you maintain your vehicle for years to come. So, remember to follow these handy car washing tips to ensure that your car is always clean and ready to ride.

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