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Great Car-themed Video Games for Car-Enthusiasts

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Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just someone who loves spending time at home, video games are a great way to pass the time. Driving games give you the bonus of adrenaline as you navigate through these imaginary roads leading to your goal. It’s a safer avenue for those who are looking to get a bit of practice before they take on the real thing, as a lot of games simulate real-life driving.

Great Car Games

Over the years, game developers have released various car games. Some aimed towards children, and some designed towards actual drivers. So, if you’re looking for the best present to give a driver who also loves video games, then let this be your guide. Today, we feature some of the best driving games across platforms from the last decade:

Mario Kart

A Nintendo exclusive, Mario Kart has to be one of the most popular driving games on the market today. Featuring characters from the Super Mario Brothers franchise, Nintendo fans and casual gamers find the game appealing and will play it for hours on end. It is available for various Nintendo platforms starting with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System all the way to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the perfect game to play with your kids and with your friends.

Gran Turismo

When Gran Turismo first came out in 1998 on the PlayStation, everyone wanted it. It was one of the first games to introduce driving simulation to video games. It is also one of the most accurate to depict vehicle models and makes. One of its best aspects includes challenging event stages and unlockable vehicles that will make you play the game until the wee hours of the morning. And because of its simulation theme, drivers who are still learning can use it to practice their driving skills. All they need is a steering wheel and foot pedal controllers.

Midnight Club

Rockstar is best known for their open world games. One of these is Midnight Club. Midnight Club is all about street racing. You compete with other players or the CPU to win races, all while dodging traffic and pedestrians. It was first released in 2000 for the PlayStation 2 and is a game perfect for those looking to drive around the city without having to leave their living rooms.

Smuggler’s Run

Another Rockstar game, Smuggler’s Run puts you in the shoes, and the car, of drug dealers. It has the same open-world driving experience with Midnight Club, but you will be driving in the desert. The primary objective of the game is to get the drugs dropped off around the desert and deliver it to its destination before the rival team does. What’s more, it also has a joyride feature that just lets you drive around in your buggy for fun.


What sets Burnout apart from other street race games? The crash factor. In games like Midnight Club and Need for Speed, one crash will do you in. But in Burnout it is turned into an integral part of the race. If you wanted to get ahead of the race, you needed to make the other drivers crash. But you need to be careful because that is precisely what the other drivers are aiming to do to you. It first came out in 2002 on the PlayStation and later to other platforms.

Luckily, you can get any of these games for cheap at your local game centres or through online sellers. Any one of these can be the perfect gift for those who love their cars and video games.

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