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Brisbane’s Best Bargain Shopping Spots

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What is it about a bargain that makes us feel good about ourselves? Is it the fact that we’re saving money on the purchase? Or is it the thrill of the hunt? Whatever it is, it’s certainly doing our bank accounts a favour.

But just where can you find the best bargain shopping spots around Brisbane? Here’s a short guide to keeping in mind for your next shopping spree around the city:


Looking to reinvent yourself with new wardrobe while still figuring out what style is best suited for you? Then you’re in luck because there are two spots in Brisbane that can offer you all the clothes you could possibly need at high prices.

The first one is Trade Secret located along Brisbane Street. Trade Secret is every shopaholics’ haven, with prices guaranteed to be up to 60 per cent more affordable compared to other places. Now you can get everything you need and even buy Christmas presents for everyone you love early on.

Another place to check out is the DFO Brisbane located on Ninth Avenue near Brisbane Airport. It’s a great place to get bangin’ bargain outfits whether you’re a tourist arriving in Brisbane or a local heading out and want to have something nice to wear for your destination. Aside from clothes, you can also find footwear, jewellery, homeware, and sporting goods.


With prices going nowhere but up, every homeowner wants to be able to save money wherever possible, especially supermarkets. After all, you need to keep yourself fed and happy if you expect to make it to the end of the week.

So, if you’re looking for the best deals in groceries, the first place you need to go is The Grocery Club located along Lapis Street. This is a clearance house for supermarket suppliers, where you can get the best prices for ingredients so you can cook the best dinners for your family. The only downside to this is that you need to be a member to acquire these great deals.

Another place to check out is the Golden Circle Factory outlet found on the corner of Anderson Street and 200 Old Cleveland Road. Stock up on toiletries, snack packs, vegetables, canned fruits and more. The best part is that, unlike The Grocery Club, you don’t need a membership to enjoy your grocery shopping here.


Souvenirs are awesome, and giving these little trinkets to your favourite people upon your return from a trip can mean a lot to them. However, a lot of retailers mark up souvenir prices higher than they should be. Luckily, there are places you can get souvenirs without needing to empty out your wallet.

The King of Gifts located along Queen Street is a souvenir spot that offers more than your usual trinkets. Here, you can get stuffed toys, indigenous artworks, shirts, keychains, and other items that will remind you of your time in Brisbane.

Next, there’s Indie Made in Sandgate. It’s a craft store, retail shop, and workshop space all in one. Here, you can find designed jewellery, painted wooden tiles, as well as crocheted items. Each item is unique, making them more personal for whoever you decide to give it to when you return home.

Now that you have a better idea to get the best deals, it’s also good to know that these aren’t the only places offering amazing money saving opportunities. If you’re also shopping around for a car lease, you want to take the one that considers your financial situation before making you an offer like Alpha Car Finance. So, shop smart and save yourself a few dollars.

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