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Ways to Boost Your Savings Without a Second Job

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Credit card bills, food expenses, and rent—all these things take big chunks from your monthly income that you hardly have enough money for your piggy bank. What if someone in your family gets sick? Or what if you have to make a sudden trip to the vet because your furry buddy ate something that he shouldn’t have? Without enough savings, unexpected circumstances can easily and quickly put you in a tight spot. You’re thinking of getting another job, but your current schedule or family obligations won’t allow it. Now don’t worry. Boosting your savings without a second job is not only possible, but also fun, as long as you know what to do and where to look. Here are some tips that can help you fatten up that piggy bank without a weekend job:

Sell old/unused stuff

When it comes to making extra money, old or unused items are your best buddies. Start by looking around your home for stuff that you don’t use anymore. Got an old iPod? Chances are, there are others who are willing to buy old gadgets that they can recycle or repair. If your closet is filled with jackets, tops, or pants, it’s time to unload and put them on sale. Same goes with old accessories and trinkets that are piling dust on your desk. Hold a yard sale and let your neighbors know that your pre-loved treasures are up for grabs, or better yet, sell your stuff online. Craigslist and eBay are just some of the online sites you can sign up for when selling old or unused items. You can also check out thrift shops or second-hand stores and see if they’re willing to take those old clothes off your hands.

Rent out that extra room

If you’re living on your own and you have an extra room, why not get a boarder for some extra cash? However, make sure you screen the applicants carefully. You don’t want to end up with someone who’ll just make your life a living nightmare. Just make sure you’ve sorted all the legal stuff before you put up a notice in sites like Airbnb. Some states have specific policies on renting houses or rooms, especially if you’re on a lease. Fill up the necessary paperwork so you don’t get into any legal trouble. Also come up a lease agreement just so it’s official. Include house rules such as kitchen privileges and your policies on inviting over relatives or friends.

Turn your mobile phone into an instant money maker

Money-making mobile apps are the rage these days among smart phone users. Check out FieldAgent, which allows iPhone users to earn extra money by doing two-hour tasks. Unlike a part-time job, these two-hour tasks, also known as microjobs, don’t require experience or a lot of paperwork. Once you’ve downloaded this app and found a suitable task, you must complete it within two hours in order to get paid and earn reward points. Tasks can range from online product reviews, mystery shopping by scanning barcodes, verifying the locations of local businesses, and taking photos. So while you’re out with your friends doing some window shopping, why not take a couple of hours to complete a task and earn money on the side? Each gig might not pay that much, but when you add them all up, you’ll have enough cash to cover half of your phone bill.

Sign up with online survey websites

The Internet is a godsend for people who want to make extra money, especially if you’re willing to join online surveys in exchange for cash. Be careful though since there are survey sites that are out to scam you. Before you sign up for anything, read the terms and conditions carefully. If a survey company asks you to pay for a membership, walk away from that site—it’s a scam. There are plenty of legitimate sites though, so do your research first before joining anything. Many of these global surveys can be completed using your mobile phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. As long as you have Internet connection and a few extra hours, making extra money through online surveys is easy. While surfing the Internet, answer a questionnaire or survey to help fatten up your savings account.

Earn money through your hobbies

If you love to bake or cook, why not make an extra batch of those yummy goodies and sell them to friends or neighbors? People are willing to pay for good food, and you don’t really have to shell out a lot of money when starting out. And since you love to spend time in the kitchen cooking up delicious treats, it won’t feel like a job or a chore. If you love animals and your favorite time of the day is taking your cute pooch out for a walk, why not take your neighbors’ pets for a walk too? Some people don’t have the time and energy to take their dogs for a walk, so they look for dog walking services. You get to spend time with your favorite animals and earn extra money—it’s a win-win situation. Making extra money doesn’t mean you have to give up quality time with your family or work yourself to the bone by getting another job. Unleash the entrepreneur in you and look for old stuff you can sell. If you’re Internet-savvy, you’ll never run out of options that can help boost your nest egg. Use your skills and creativity to turn hobbies into money-making ventures; many businesses actually started this way. With enough savings, dealing with an emergency won’t seem so stressful anymore.

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