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Road rage: Causes and how to manage it

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Driving can be therapeutic at times. Just you and the open road with nothing but your thoughts. When all of a sudden, an SUV suddenly cuts you off, causing you to lose your cool. This is an excellent example of road rage.

What is road rage?

According to a study, road rage is an aggressive or angry behaviour exhibited by a driver on the road. Road rage can either be through verbal or physical assaults; all are done to threaten or intimidate another driver or a pedestrian.

There have been injuries and even deaths caused by road raging drivers. It can be dangerous both for the rager and the other driver. If you find yourself getting angry on the road, understand why it happens and how you can avoid it while driving.

Causes of road rage

What you need to do to curb your anger when behind the wheel, is to understand what causes it. Here are some of the most common causes of road rage:

  • Heavy traffic or gridlock. When you’ve been sitting in traffic for more than a few minutes, it can start to get on your nerves. Every little thing another motorist does gets super annoying.
  • Slow driving. Distracted drivers cause them to slow down and inconvenience everyone else driving behind them.
  • Tail-gating. It can feel uncomfortable for you when you notice that the car behind you is a little too close for comfort.
  • Erratic lane changes. Changing lanes without signalling first or doing it dangerously close to you is easy to get on your nerves.

How to curb it

When you start to feel angry, and you get an impulse to do something you shouldn’t, don’t do it. It will only end badly for all involved. So, instead, try something different. A way where you can let go of what he did, and you can still come home to your family. Curb your anger through one of these methods:

  • Play soothing music. Relaxing music can help you keep your cool and prevent yourself from getting angry on the road.
  • Remember what’s important. A picture of your loved ones is an excellent reminder of who is waiting at home.
  • Let it go. Sometimes, letting go is the best option. Acknowledge what happened, realise that getting angry is pointless, and let it go.
  • Leave earlier. It’s easy to get angry when you’re running late for work and get stuck in heavy traffic.
  • Anger management. If your anger isn’t limited to the road, there could be underlying problems you need to address. If this is the case, consult a professional to get into an anger management course.

You’ve heard the saying “The journey is more important than the destination”. Please do not apply this when driving to work. Your job, paycheck, and family matter more than a five to 30-minute drive. Remember that everyone in the vehicle wants to come home safely at the end of the day, just like you.

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