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Cheap cars to own in Australia

By: Louise Mosqueda0 comments

In Australia, living without a car is next to impossible, with public transport being as hectic as it is and walking to places under the Australian sun is just not an option, it is best to get your own car.

Now, for some, getting a car is a challenge. That is why it is important for them to find one that is within their budget.

To help you choose a car, here is a list of cheap to own cars in Australia per year that will cost owners roughly around $120-$130 per week:

Mitsubishi Mirage ES

mitsubishi mirage

Suzuki Swift GL

suzuki swift

Kia Picanto S

kia picanto

Honda Jazz VTi

honda jazz

Kia Cerato

kia cerato

Each of these cars can help you go where you need to be, and they are all within your family’s budget, which makes it even better. You can choose from some of these vehicles, or take a look at some of Alpha Finance to find one that you would like to use for yourself.

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