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4 Tips on How to Throw a Fun EoFY Party

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The Financial Year is almost coming to an end, as June 30 is fast approaching. By this time, you should have prepaid your expenses, reviewed your finances, and claimed your taxes.

If you need a checklist on the last minute tasks that you should accomplish before tax time ends, then check this article out.

The End of Financial Year can be stressful, so it’s just fair to treat yourself and your peers after all the hard work that you have done. One of the best ways to celebrate all of these is by throwing a really good EoFY party to be able to start fresh for the next financial year.

Listed below are a few tips for the big party

Planning the Party

Think about the theme, where you want to hold the party, the food and drinks, and who you want to invite. The most effective way when it comes to planning is through asking around or brainstorming with the attendees – besides, they are the ones who are going to attend the party.

List everything that you need, go grocery shopping (the fun starts here!), and make sure you have everything put together.

Deciding on the Venue

If you are thinking about being practical and saving money, then throwing a house party would be your best option. Not only is it cost-efficient, but you also get to enjoy the party with your close friends and family in absolute comfort.

No last orders, expensive drinks, and pricey Uber fares – just make sure to respect your neighbours and keep the noise down a bit. If ever you decide on having the party at a bar or somewhere outside though, make sure to plan and book ahead of time to avoid any last minute problems.

Food and Drinks

Decide if you want to go with a takeaway or homemade food. Take-away food is best for those who are looking to quickly celebrate, and cooking at home is the way to go if you are looking to bond with friends and family.

You can do a backyard barbecue party, which is super fun as everyone gets to catch up and relax while grilling steaks and drinking beer.

Games and Activities

A party is a hundred times more fun if games and activities are involved. You can stack on classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Backgammon, or Chess for a chill night party.

If you want everyone to be more interactive, then you can try a game of charades or even a drinking game such as beer pong. If you have a specific and unique game in mind, then, by all means, do it with your friends and/or family!

The End of Financial Year happens just once a year, so go ahead and host that party! Get that car leasing Brisbane you have been eyeing, too – besides, you deserve it! Good luck and party responsibly!

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