4 Hardcore Jobs You Won't Believe Actually Pay Well

hardcire jobs that pay surprisingly well

Whatever field you're in, you should take pride in the fact that you're contributing to society. But let's face it -- not all jobs are created equal. Some pay better, others not so much. Some give you stability while other give you a thrill. It's all a matter of what your priorities are. But if you've been sick of your day-to-day 8 hour desk job, you might want to try something a little more challenging. Chances are, you may already have the skills for them:

Shark Cage Operator

great white shark

Grew up being a JAWS fan? Maybe you just love these magnificent and powerful creatures. Either way, this seasonal gig can get you paid more or less $1000 a week for being with these fierce marine animals. And yes, I mean being in the water with them. Don't worry, you're in the safety of a shark cage, but you do need to do things like surgically tagging these bad boys. Even better than that is you sometimes get to do so in really picturesque ocean scenery  too. It's like being on vacation, except you get paid to hang out with sharks. You might want to take a few courses on the Elements of Shipboard Safety before you start handing out resumes, though.

Construction Diver

construction diver

No, that was not a typo. Yes, I actually mean construction diver. Are you a certified diver with an engineering background? Then you have the tools to potentially make big bucks with extracting resources from the sea, laying and repairing pipes, and maintenance and construction of ships and other cool stuff under water. And if you think about it, a normal commercial diver gets paid around $80,000 per year. How much more do you think they'll pay you if you have an engineering background on top of diving certifications?

White Hat Hacker/Penetration Tester


You've seen it happen in movies, and maybe even in the news; hacking crimes are a reality and if you have the skills to do it, then you have the skills to do preventive measures. Not all hackers are bad, and some of them get paid well over $100,000 a year to make sure that companies are protected against credit card fraud, identity theft, and other hacking crimes. So if you have mad computer skills, put on that proverbial white hat and test out corporate computer systems for security weaknesses. You get to help businesses stay safe from software attacks and make a pretty penny while you're at it.

Aircraft Repossession Specialist

kingfisher plane

This is probably the most challenging and the highest paying of them all but, of course, it doesn't come without some serious health and safety concerns. Here's a job where you get to travel the world, meet all sorts of people, and possibly get thrown into a foreign prison. It's definitely not a job for the faint of heart since Aircraft Repossession Specialists can earn close to 6-10% commission on the resale of the plane they get back on behalf of the bank. Imagine if the plane costs millions of dollars


As Joker says, "If you're good at something, never do it for free." The good news is, if you have the skills for them, these hardcore jobs will pay you big bucks!  If you ever decide to hang out with awesome sharks, be an engineer underwater, go cyber nerd like Aram Mojtabai in The Blacklist, or make a fortune repossessing old aircrafts, do snap a photo and tag us. Good luck!