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4 Advantages of Getting a New Car Before Tax Time

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The End of the Financial Year sale is a huge thing for Australians, and one of the reasons why is because a lot, if not all businesses go on a huge sale during this time.

These businesses mainly drop their prices to get rid of old stocks and make room for the new ones.

One thing to watch out for during the EoFYS is the auto sales, as they usually go down a couple of dollars, which makes this season the best one to get a new car.

We are currently holding an end of financial year sale, and you should definitely check it out, especially if you’re looking into applying for a car lease.

Here are the advantages of getting a new car during the EoFY season

1. You will be able to score one for a very low price. As I have mentioned before, this is the season for getting a new car. Car dealers try to sell all of their old stocks so they can replenish it with new ones.

2. You can haggle. Yep, you can. You have to gauge and know your salesperson though, as haggling for a leased car is not at all easy.

You also have to take into account that not all car leasing companies are open to haggling and thus, you must do your research first. Know about the company, and read their terms and conditions.

3. Car dealers are trying to reach their quotas, so they are kind of pushing it so they can sell a lot of units and reach their EoFY quotas.

Before visiting a car garage and applying for a car lease, it would be best if you could do your research and see how to properly talk to a car dealer.

Know what to say and what to ask, and remember to always be courteous and humble.

4. Value-added deals and freebies. To attract more customers and potential buyers, car dealers and car companies usually throw a special offer in, which comes in the form of free on-road costs, upgrades, or low-interest rate specials.

Alpha Finance is currently offering low deposit and even lower weekly repayments for the End of Financial Year Sale.

You could also get 25 percent off the standard prices of some of our cars, which you can check out here.

This is your most-awaited chance to get a car, so you better act now! Remember that you are competing with a lot of buyers, so you better move it and grab that phone now.

You can call one our depot at 1300 2574 26 to speak to one of our friendly agents today! Good luck and enjoy your new car!

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