2 Ways To Haggle Down Car Insurance

negotiate lower car insurance rates

From car prices to properties and homes, there are many things in this world that you can haggle down. With the right strategy and a little effort, you can certainly bring down the some of life's unnecessarily sky high costs. While you may be familiar with haggling prices in the markets or in stalls (especially in Asia), did you know that you could actually negotiate costs with car insurance?

Car insurance is one of those annoying but necessary expenses. I know, you may think that "the off-chance of getting into an accident" may not seem like a good enough reason to pay extra for insurance but trust me, accidents happen more often than you think.

Get a Price Beat

Yes, car insurance is important but that doesn't mean you have to stick with the sky high prices. To get around this you first need to find out just what type of coverage you have or need, and how much you're paying for it. After this, do a little research and comparison on the current rates from other providers. Make sure you get quotes from these providers, otherwise this may not work. Once you've got better quotes in hand, go back to your current provider and let them know about your new offers. Ever heard of a price match or price beat guarantee? That's exactly what you'll be staging for your provider.

If your provider says that they can't lower your current rate, don't lose hope. You may still be eligible for a discount. They may have stipulations in their contracts that defensive driving courses, clean driving records, or certain safety features are needed to quality. With some journalistic questioning, you might just get a few dollars slashed from your rates.

Upgrade Car Security

Before you come out at me with pitchforks, remember that a safer car is always better for you. Yes, it does cost a bit of money to have all the bells and whistles installed, but they do a pretty good job of protecting you or at least give you better chances of preventing car theft and even assault while you're in your car (especially if you go through/live in rough neighbourhoods).

Your first line of defense would always be an approved alarm system for whenever anyone tries to forcibly open your car. It's one of the best ways to dissuade thieves or even just rowdy teens from messing with your vehicle. Tracking devices are you next best bet against theft. They're also incredibly useful if you have a teenager who likes to "borrow" your car in the wee hours of the night when he/she thinks you're asleep. With a tracker, you can at least make sure that said teenager is in a safe area or at most bring him/her (and the car) back home in one piece. If you're feeling fancy, and if you have the budget for it, a car immobiliser can definitely help. An immobiliser is a device that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key or token, which prevents your car from being "hot wired" and helps with theft and teenager situations.

Now you're probably wondering, what this all has to do with insurance. The easiest answer to that is that the safer your car is, the better prices they can offer. This is because your car can be considered "lower risk" with all the safety features. In fact, just having them can bring down your monthly repayments from 5% to 10%. Add in a history of responsible driving and you're sure to get better rates

If you're still in the process of shopping around for both a car and insurance, you might want to consider getting a car finance and insurance bundle to save up. Explore your options, you're sure to find insurance to fit your budget and needs. Good luck!