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bad credit report

A bad credit report is not something someone would want to deal with, especially with regular and active consumers. Paying your bills every month can become such a daunting and heavy task that you sometimes try to escape from it, which can lead to a bad credit score. A poor credit score will certainly lead to a bad credit report, giving you the hassle of going through the repair (which can take a couple of months, or even years).

credit card credit score

A lot of factors can affect your credit score, and one of those is your credit card. Owning a credit card is a huge responsibility. You have to use it with caution, and before you do use it, it is advisable to compute and budget your expenses, and whether you have the capacity to pay for what you’ll be buying with it.

Financial Stress Money Save

Getting stressed out with financial matters is one of the things most adults dread. It is simply inevitable as we all have to pay our bills, not to mention the debts and extra expenses that we have to pay.

So, how does one get by the stress of financial matters? We discuss some tips here, so make sure to keep on reading to get rid of that weight on your shoulders.

bad credit rating

Certain events and life emergencies can affect the way you pay your debts. Missing payments and defaults can ultimately lead to a bad or poor credit rating, which can eventually be devastating. Having bad credit can lead to lenders and financing companies question your credibility, and they cannot do anything about it as it is a part of their job. It can become stressful and hard when lending companies aren’t open to help you.

ways to improve credit score

As adults, constantly paying bills is inevitable. Having extra expenses can be tough, especially if you do not have enough resources. This can lead to you borrowing money from different lenders, and sometimes, you just forget to pay on time. This can affect your credit score, which can eventually lead to a poor credit score.

credit card debt help

Being deep in debt is not a situation anyone wants to be in. However sometimes, it is inevitable. There are bills to pay and most of the time, people find it difficult to pay off. Failure to budget your money can lead to heavy debts, which can eventually lead to stress.

Here are a few tips for those who are in trouble with debt

Reach Out to Your Credit Provider

car ownership cost

These days, owning and maintaining a car can be extremely costly. You would have to think about the maintenance, insurance, upgrading, fuel costs, and a whole lot more. You can’t just go ahead and impulsively buy a car, you definitely have to plan it out to avoid crashing your budget. It’s actually wiser to get a car finance these days, as the benefits are better.

Find out the hidden costs when buying a car


motor vehicle tax deductions

We all love getting refunds, money back guarantees, and tax deductions. Most Aussies are not completely aware of what they can apply for their tax deductions to be bigger, especially when it comes to motor vehicles. Not to fret though, as we are here to help you figure out how much you can claim and how to claim it.

fixing bad credit

Keeping your credit history clean and in top shape should be your main priority, especially if you are fond of lending money, cars, and other properties from lenders. If you are unaware of your credit score, then head on to the Credit Simple website. They can provide your credit score for free, and in just a matter of 60 seconds.

There are a couple of reasons as to why your car loan, for example, can get rejected, so it’s best to know what causes it and how you can fix it.

australian returns and refunds

As a consumer, we should all be aware of our rights when it comes to returns and refunds. The Australian Consumer Law or ACL protects Australian consumers by putting out a number of laws for retailers and salespeople to follow. The ACL penalises retailers that do not abide by these rules, so you can make sure that these laws got you covered.