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"Thanks Alpha, even though my credit history wasn’t perfect you still approved me on my Micra, I love it"

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Melbourne is a busy place with lots of hustle and bustle and the easiest way for individuals or business representatives to get from A to B in such a busy city is by car, preferably one you didn't have to loan off a mate. By having a car there is no need to run to the schedule of public transport or pay the costly fees of a taxi. However, getting yourself into a loan vehicle or car lease Melbourne vehicle is sometimes easier said than done. There are quite a few more costs involved with owning a vehicle on top of the weekly lease repayments, and that's assuming you can get a big enough upfront payment together in the first place or will obtain a lease or loan approval. This is where Alpha Car Finance comes into play because getting into car to get about Melbourne is far simpler with us on your side. The old loan model just doesn't work for some people.
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Why Choose Alpha Car Finance?

When you decide you need the use of a vehicle, you want to achieve this goal, you don't want to go through mountains of loan paperwork and loan hoops to jump through only to find your loan or lease mission has been unsuccessful.

Alpha Car Finance takes a more realistic lease approach when it comes to car finance Melbourne. We are not deterred by those who are self employed or even borrowers who have had previous financial issues that create a bad credit rating. Even bad credit card financing Melbourne customers are welcome to apply.

With Alpha Car Finance Melbourne you get to start your lease with a clean slate and a near new car even if you have had loan problems in the past. Or if you have experienced bad credit card loan Melbourne. Many customers have had credit card or store card debt which has lead to issues. Don't let your card keep you from the car you want. Our commitment to ensuring you are happy with our service and reliability is what has kept us in business for so long and it's what keeps our team going, it's all about customer satisfaction. Not something you can say about all loan or lease businesses.

Benefits of leasing – individuals

For some it is difficult to get together a upfront loan payment for a car and then even harder to stay on top of the budget with loan repayments and running costs. It will cost you approximately $176 a week to run a small car according to the RACQ and this cost needs to be met along with your other living expenses and loan repayments.

Why put yourself through that when you can pay a low upfront payment and then a weekly lease amount that covers the registration and insurance? A hassle free weekly lease cost will cover nearly all the running costs depending on the products you choose then all you need is the fuel to see all there is to see in Melbourne.
When you obtain a standard loan to buy a car the loan costs weigh up quite heavily in the end. What you are left with in the end is a vehicle that is worth way less than what you originally got the loan for, and that’s without adding on the interest you paid for the loan.

With a lease from Alpha Car Finance you can change your vehicle when the contract is up for a new vehicle without having to go through the whole loan process again and all the set up fees. A traditional loan does not allow this kind of flexibility. This means every 2, 3 or 4 years you can upgrade and move on with no hassles! Goodbye to the old loan constraints.

Benefits of leasing – Businesses

Where your business is concerned you will want your employees to be driving reliable and presentable vehicles. Melbourne is a city that is considered to be the most fashionable in Australia and so first impressions count.

Aside from the fact that your running costs such as services and registration, stamp duty and tyre replacements are covered in your weekly amount, your company will be able to put forward an impression that is one of style.

We have a great range of cars to choose from at Alpha Car Finance Melbourne and to keep up with the need for credit reliable and presentable business vehicles you can opt to change for a new car every 2, 3 or 4 years. A far better deal than what a standard car sales yard can give you.
Business owners will find that thanks to low upfront payments and lower running costs, fitting company vehicles into a budget is much easier and far more convenient than paying thousands of dollars of loan interest on fleet cars with regular loans.

If you're in Melbourne and looking for a great deal on a car, either for business or personal reasons, contact us at Alpha Car Finance today. Rent to own cars Melbourne is the innovative choice for the credit challenged.